Saturday, July 4, 2015

Jewelry Making Fun!

So as I know I have already told you, I am making/selling handmade jewelry now! Yay! It is truly something I have sooo much fun doing, and has been really enjoyable for me this Summer in particular! I found this ahhh-mazing bead store here in the NC mountains last week and I have been so excited to use those new beads! I have never seen gem stones as pretty as the ones they had at Cherry Tree Beads! It was like my own little spot of heaven inside of their warehouse! 

My cousin, Janelle, was there to help me sort through my thoughts as I browsed all of the beads lining their walls! I needed someone there to keep me calm - this place was overwhelming...but OH SO GREAT! 

Anyway, I was able to grab soooo many amazing gem stones and I have been so excited to share my little creations! I just love love love being in the mountains! My mind is so relaxed and I am feeling more creative!

The Pink Party Tassel Necklace! (click here)
This one is just ready for a party! But, seriously, how cute would it be with a simple white t-shirt and jeans!?!

The Pink and Black Mixture Tassel Necklace (click here)
I love this one simply because those light pink beads make me smile! 

Clear Spikes with Natural Stones Necklace (click here)
Part of the natural stone collection - I love these! Simply inspired by the mountains around me ...and then adding some FUN with the clear spikes! :)

Natural Stone and Turquoise Necklace (click here)
This necklace. Right?! I am picturing a chambray shirt with white jeans...and this beauty! 

Pearl and Druzy Necklace (click here)
This one is fit for a perfect day to night look! Druzy pendants go with EVERYTHING!

Black with Black/Ivory Giraffe Beads and Tassel (click here)
Simply elegant! Fancy-up your outfit with this little pretty!

Gold Natural Necklace with Chain (click here)
Simply and understated, but so fun! You can add an edgy look to any outfit with this one! This necklace looks great when layered with other simple, shorter gold chains!

Natural Stone and Matte Turquoise Gem Stone Necklace (click here)
My mom's favorite! This one seriously feels like nature to me! Those matte turquoise gem stones FEEL just like they game right out of the river! They feel SOOO natural, I love it!

I hope you guys enjoy these! I feel like, as teachers, we always become happier when wearing a fun necklace with our outfits! I sometimes get bored of my "teacher clothes"....but jewelry is just sooo much FUN!

There are more necklaces available on my site at this link HERE ...I also am totally open to custom orders if you know what you like and haven't seen it! :) 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Currently

Joining Farley at Oh Boy, 4th Grade for her July Currently linky party

I can't believe June has come and gone! 

I am currently laying in bed and relaxing after a day of shopping in Highlands, NC. If you've ever been to this area of NC, you know how cute Highlands is! It is just so quaint and perfect! I love it. I am really excited about the new pullover I bought that is super cute and comfy! 

I am laying around with my cat, Turkey, and watching Law and Order: favorite of all of the Law and Orders. I just love love love Olivia and Elliot. I have had such a good week so far in the mountains! My entire family is here, nieces and in-laws..everyone! It is so great! We are all in one house and having so much fun! Today the girls went into Highlands today for some shopping while the guys had a day of golfing. We had a great lunch and came home with wayyy too much fudge....but I am really wishing I had a chunk of it up here next to my bed...hence the reason why I need to get on some comfy/stretchy pants...

I have been getting to nap with my niece, Juliet, throughout this vacation and it is my favorite thing EVER!

My nieces, Savanna (left) and Juliet (right) in their matching rompers on the porch.

Me and my sisters at Rainbow Falls after our hike.

Some of you who have been following may know this already, but I have started selling my handmade necklaces! This is something I am super excited about....but also a great bit nervous about because I hope people like the necklaces I am making! I did not bring any of my beading supplies with me on vacation, assuming I would not really have time to sit down to create while here with all of my family; however, I reeeaaalllly have the need for beads right now! I wish I could find a bead store near me! I feel like if I found one here in the mountains of NC, it would be a really unique bead store! I just need to focus and google it! I am sure I can find one! I will keep you guys posted ;)

Click each picture to head to the link where it is posted for purchase. There are others on my site that aren't pictured below, also :)

It was kind of hard thinking of something I am good at...don't we all have trouble with this question? I always struggle with this question and when people ask you to "think of something interesting/unique about yourself". Ugh...those are hard questions! I chose to go with something that my family jokes with me about, since I am around them this week... I am great at quoting song lyrics! I can pretty much sing a part of a song and relate it to any moment that occurs throughout the day! It is really weird...but I love music! I am sure some of you are the same way! If I can't find a song lyric that applies to the situation, then I can definitely find a Friends quote that will work! Haha!


Be sure to head over to Farley at Oh Boy, 4th Grade to catch up with everyone else who has linked in this month! 

Happy Summer! :) 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Talk About 'Em Tuesday - Katiebowhead

Welcome back! 

If you're new to this Linky, here's a quick explanation: Each Tuesday I am going to highlight a different small business that I have used personally AND why I love them! It might be a TpT store, it might be an Etsy store...maybe it will be a local store near me! Who knows?! I just want to shine some light on some of my favorite small businesses, and I am hoping you all will want to do the same! I love that technology has allowed us to have these small businesses, and there is no better feeling than buying something from someone who is also a teacher, or a stay-at-home mom, or a rookie artist! I would rather give my money to these amazing people than a big business! 

For this week's "Talk About 'Em Tuesday!" I am going to tell you about Katiebowhead by Kaitlin Kendall

Kaitlin sells so many different things like koozies, art prints, hair ties, and bracelets (and even more!). My personal favorite are her bow bracelets! I have two of them so far and I just LOVE them! 

These bow bracelets literally arrive to your door looking just as they do in the photos! They are amazing! I have a chambray one and a hot pink gingham one, both of which I am obsessed with. If you follow me on instagram (@littlelovelyleaders) than you probably already know that I wear them TOO often! I am almost never without a bow :) I mean, c'mon, I can wear that chambray one anytime I want! It goes with everything!

I really want to venture out and start buying more of her items, to be honest! I just know that they are such great quality and always look cute! The koozies look like they might be waiting for me to buy them! Don't you think? Here is a look at a couple other items she sells in her etsy shop:

I don't I look at this photos again, I think I really want that pearls & bow bin....!!!!! What should I do?! I could pin that to just about anything and it would look amazing! 

If you are lovin' on insta lately, like I have been with all of my free time this summer, follow Kaitlin Kendell Designs by following @katiebowhead on instagram. Trust me, you won't regret getting to see her product photos once in a while! They are all amazingly cute!

I would love for you to share your favorite small businesses each week with us! If you'd like to blog about one and join our linky party, please do! We'd love for you to join!

Just be sure to grab the linky image at the top of this blog post and post it on yours, as well. Also, grab my button so that you can link your followers back to this page if they want to see everyone else's link ups! It will be kind of like going shopping because we will get to check out all of these new small businesses everyone loves!

So just create your blog post and then come back here and click the blue "add your link" button below to add your post to the linky party! :) Yay! Be sure to leave the link that goes directly to that specific blog post.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge: Week 2

We're back at it!
Week 2 of the TpT seller challenge! 

Don't forget to check out #tptsellerchallenge on social media to see what everyone is up to! Yeah, YOU... I know you are sitting there looking at instagram... ;)

This week's challenge is listed below: I go...unloading all of my hopes and dreams on to you and trying to type with my fingers crossed so that they all come true! I am a little nervous though...don't they say that if you say your dreams and wishes out loud then they won't come true? ;) haha!

First on the list, FAMILY :) Of course! I moved back to South Florida last year just for these folks! I love my family, and I could spend every minute with them! My husband and I are always finding time to be with family. We love it! We don't have any kids of our own yet, and hopefully we are blessed enough to have that for ourselves in the future; however, we love love love being with our family.  We just had his parents in town this past weekend, which was wonderful because we don't get to see them as much. In addition to that, I have three sisters, two brothers-in-law, and two nieces. We are actually all meeting up in the North Carolina mountains this coming week to spend time together as a family! I can't wait! Everyone, one house, and no one is going to work! Yay! Gotta love putting family first!

The family in Ireland last summer. One niece not pictured because she was not born yet ;)

Second: Aren't there always improvements to be made in our TpT stores? I feel like there is just ALWAYS something on my list of things to do for the store. I can't keep up! Hopefully, one day, I will fee caught up! Hey...we are allowed to DREAM right now, right?

Third: The Teacher's Life Binder is a major passion of mine. I just always want to make it the best it can be. Each year I update it and then the next year, I write down things I want to do for the future! There is always another way to make it better! I just want to make teachers' lives as easy and organized as possible so that they can have time for all of the other stuff they need to do!

Fourth: Did you hear!? I am starting to hand-make jewelry for sale! :) I am SUPER excited about this!! Check out my website to see the few designs that are listed so far...and remember, I take custom orders so you just let me know the colors you need and we can work something out! :)

Last, but DEFINITELY not least: Traveling! I am lucky enough to have already traveled much of the world; however, there are always new places and new memories to be made. I put this last because I want to save it for when I can travel with my kids when they are a bit older (and I mean...I haven't had any yet so here's to dreaming!). I really felt like traveling as a kid allowed me to gain insight into parts of the world a lot of people don't get to see. I grew up with tolerance and love for people of all races and religions because my parents took us around to new places all of the time! I feel like it helped me with geography as a kid, too ;) haha! 


If you are interested in what other amazing teachers have done with this week's challenge,  head over to one of the host blogs below to check out the linky party!