Friday, June 27, 2014

Different Teacher Binders

I have had many questions lately regarding my different Teacher Binders. Since I do not have a FAQ area on my site, I decided that I should do a blog post about the different binders, and what they include. I think this will definitely clear up some of the likes and differences between the two types of binders you can purchase from my store.

The two choices you will see explained in detail below are: 

The digital (print it yourself & includes less sheets) binder

The Teacher's Life Binder
(all-inclusive, 463 pages, everything you need all in one, & already printed for you)

First Binder: 
The digital binder
These binders are purchased at my Teachers Pay Teachers store and are downloaded digitally. You are then responsible for printing, hole punching, and binding them. They are much lower in cost, but definitely do NOT include everything that the second type of binder includes. They are great for organization. These will help you divide your binders into sections that are more meaningful for you, as a teacher. They will help keep all of your work and paperwork organized...and in one, safe place! There are not sections in this binder for organizing your personal/home life - you will find those in the second binder option. There are sections for your students, parents, classroom, data, substitute, etc. 

Included in these binders:

-Cover sheets for the different binder sections (Teacher Binder, Student Information Binder, Parent Contact Binder, etc.)

-Dividers for your binder: (print only what you need)
1. Grade book and Evaluations
2. Sub Information
-Student roster
-Good/Bad behavior sheet
-'Great teacher helpers' record sheet for the sub to fill out
-Safety procedures
-'How We Get Home' sheet
-Teacher notes sheet
-Sub notes sheet
-Letter from the teacher
3. Student information
-Including 4 different forms you can choose from for organizing student information (grades, addresses, contact info, assessment scores, emergency info., etc.)
-Birthdays organizer
4. Parent Contact
-Basic sheet with student name, parent name, method of contact, and reasons for contact
-Form you can fill out before parents arrive with topics to discuss (work ethic, behavior, 7 habits, etc.) *Another form included without the 7 habits because some schools do not use those 
5. Curriculum Calendar (13 months of calendar pages for 2014-15
6. Student Data
7. Content Weights
8. IEPs
9. 504 plans (written "five-oh-four plans" because there are not # clip arts to match the font I have used on this binder set)
10. Lesson plans 
-along with a simple lesson plan template
11. Meeting notes
- 3 choices of forms you can use to organize your meeting notes
12. Standards
13. Pacing Guide
14. Gradebook
15. Social Studies
16. Math
17. ELA
18. Data
19. Inquiry
20. Science
21. Writing
22. Evaluations
23. ELL
24. Benchmarks
25. AR
26. Reading counts
27. Math Fact Fluency
29. School Improvement Plan
30. Curriculum
31. Common Core
32. "Belongs to: _________" for you to put in the back of your binder
33. Spine labels for EVERY single DIVIDER and COVER page you have here (except for a couple that I assume will never have their own binder)
34. At the end of your document, there are blank templates for dividers and spine labels so you can write in anything else that you need :)

Some people make this an all-in-one large binder, and other people make this into sooo many different binders to keep all of their subjects/topics organized! You can make this your own in so many different ways!

Digital binders (different designs) offered: 

 The Yearly Binder for Organization in Chevron and in Less Color

The Yearly Binder for Organization in EDITABLE - Bright Animal Print and Rainbow Chevron
What is great about the editable binders is that you can type into them, as well as create any pages you need that aren't already included (you can type into the blank pages given so that any pages you create will match the rest of your binder)

Second Binder:
The Teacher's Life Binder
The Teacher's Life Binder can be purchased two ways: at my TpT store OR at my personal store. This binder is my personal favorite, and has been my "baby" for the past 2 years in which I have been working to perfect it. I am so glad it is finally ready to be shared with all of you! This binder is 463 pages in length, and is already designed and printed for you in full. There are enough copies for you to use them for your class, and for a full year of plans. There are also sections for your personal life. This being a MAJOR difference from the binders you saw above. In this binder, there are sections for you classroom, your substitute, your home, your taxes/bills, and your other business (like being a teacher-blogger!) Read below for more detailed information.

Included in this binder:
-Cover pages (not hole punched) to slide into your binder cover view

-Contact you information – so your beautiful binder can be returned if lost!

-Quote pages throughout the binder help divide up the different sections – with the quote conveniently tying in with the section idea!

-Classroom contact information and volunteers

-Important classroom dates and birthdays to remember

-Password keeper for school websites

-Calendar and meetings:

-Calendar for months July through the following June (with notes pages in between each month for your personal notes or meeting notes in that month)

-Meeting notes pages (11)

-Plans section divider (quote)

-Pacing guide

-41 weeks of blank plans to write in your plans (5 subject for 5 days a week – along with sections for meetings, duties, and goals of each week)

-Student section divider (quote)

-Student information sheets (30) for contact information and home communication information

-A “quick look” sheet for accommodations to make in the classroom (2)

-Students of the Month tracker

-Seating arrangement pages (2)

-Attendance charts (enough for 180 days)

-Grade book charts (18 charts)

-”While you were out” missed work log (4 pages)

-Student data divider

-Student education plans divider

-Parent contact section divider (quote)

-Parent contact information sheets (4)

-Log for parent communication (4)

-Checklist to log “happy notes” you send home to parents in regards to students

-Parent/Teacher conference forms to fill out while you are conferencing

-Substitute binder divider

-Substitute binder divider and section with information such as: welcome note, schedule, roster, important information, emergency procedures, and a page for your sub to tell you how his/her day was in your classroom (3x each of these for 3 days of absence and allows for your schedule and information to change)

-Home-related section divider

-”To do” lists (5 pages)

-Cleaning: day/task log

-Groceries list (4 pages)

-Important contacts (3 pages)

-Address book (5 pages)

-Recipes (enough for 10 recipes)

-Teacher-preneur section divider

-Plans for the year

-Product Ideas

-Products for sale


-Clip art and font information

-Blog post ideas

-Giveaways (of your own products, as well as of other’s products)



-Money/Bills/Tax related sections divider (quote)

-Keep track of your bills, budget, taxes, business travels, and expenses

Also includes a back cover and binder spine labels for your Teacher’s Life Binder

*Allow 2 – 3 weeks for shipping (you will receive a confirmation of payment e-mail, as well as an e-mail to tell you that your order has shipped)

*Feel free to contact me with any questions

This binder is not editable; in other words, you will not be able to edit it or type into it. The hard cover binder does not come with the product – You will receive the 463 pages (each of which is already hole punched in the standard three-ring style) and a personal “thank you” card from myself!

Teacher's Life Binder (different designs) offered:

The Teacher's Life Binder in the "Out & About" design
On my personal store click HERE
On TpT click HERE

The Teacher's Life Binder in the "Preppy Apple & Bow Ties" design
On my personal store HERE
On my TpT store HERE

 Feel free to comment if you have any other questions about these two types of binders, or questions about any of the binders in the subsections! Leave a comment below, with a return e-mail, or just e-mail me directly at

Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Teacher's Essentials Giveaway!

We all need summer! When summer gets here….oh my goodness…we are all so ready to sit and not get up! There are a few key things I sort out during the summer, though, and it really makes my life easier when we get back to school in August! But first...I should tell you...

ONE: This year my summer list starts off a little differently – I decided that since I moved this past year, this is the perfect time to change my classroom color scheme! New classroom - New look! I am super excited to do my new room in hot pink, navy blue, and gold!

My Navy, Hot Pink, & Gold Inspiration!

TWO: Check TpT for updates! Many of your favorite purchases from Teachers Pay Teachers could have been updated since you purchased them! 

THREE: Clean out your computer, organize your "folders", and back up your files! These are things I do during the summer because I am just TOO LAZY to "get to them" during the school year!

FOUR: Plan your first week or two! I usually get to this at the end of the school year; however, since we went to Ireland right away this summer, I really did not have time! This makes the beginning of the year so great because you have no immediate worries or stresses! 

FIVE: Decide on your organization system - are you going to use a binder, multiple binders, a file folder system, etc? As many of you know, I am a bit "binder obsessed" in the way that I organize! I love to have everything I need at my fingertips! I love to organize my new binder, transfer over old data (passwords to sites, school information and forms, etc) to my new binder, and throw away the old one! This might be one of my 'fave' parts of a new school year ... a fresh, new binder! 

SIX: Have fun!! Do what you want to do for a change! Lay in the sun, play with your children (I know I will be hanging out with my niece a lot!), go out to dinner, see friends, travel! Yay! It is SUMMER! No stress, no worries! 
Remember: Everything you are doing now is just preparation for next year. 
They are not things you need to be stressed about right now, just "extras" !! 

I think what we all really a giveaway!
Two of my very favorites - the fan-tastic Katie, at Queen of the First Grade Jungle, and the best sister everrr, Caitlin, at Kindergarten Smiles  - and I are doing a giveaway together for a few items that will just make your life easier ... it's a Teacher Essentials giveaway! The giveaway will be open for one week! Be sure to enter so that you can win these amazing products! I know winning these will start your summer and your new year off on the right foot!
THREE ITEMS available to WIN! 

ONE: The Busy Teacher Bundle! (grade of your choice) made by Katie at Queen of the First Grade Jungle. You get to choose between kindergarten, first grade, or second grade! Check out the images below to see how ahhh-mazing they are!


TWO: Your choice of Hot Seats made by Caitlin at Kindergarten Smiles

THREE: Teacher's Life Binder - Your choice of design - 463 pages mailed to your door! Ready to go!

The Teacher's Life Binder in the "Preppy Apple & Bow Ties" design
Available HERE

 The Teacher's Life Binder in the "Out & About" design
Available HERE

Good Luck!! The rafflecopter will be open for one week!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Store Site is LIVE!

So many things going on this week!

The new store is OPEN! Ahh!! I can't believe the time has finally come! You can get to the store by clicking "shop store" on my menu tab OR you can just go to this link (the site is

Products available

The Teacher's Life Binder - 463 pages of teacher organization! Everything! A full year calendar, 41 weeks of lesson plan pages, student information pages, long range plans, meeting notes pages, parent-teacher conference pages, forms for your substitutes, a section for home finances, to do lists, grocery lists, a section for your teacher-preneur life (those of you with blogging jobs!), a section for taxes, and MORE! Can you believe there is more than that? I really tried my best to think of everything! My family, teacher friends, and anyone else I could question has helped and given their input on what they would need if they had an "all in one" binder! I hope you enjoy it as much as me! I feel so organized to have everything all in one place! I am never caught off guard and always know that I can just grab my binder and go! 

2 designs available in hard-copy 

First design - The Teacher's Life Binder: Out & About

Second design - The Teacher's Life Binder: Preppy Apple & Bow Ties

Digital stationery - purchase it once, and print unlimited cards! Ready for you when you need them! Stop running out to the store at the last minute!


Tomorrow is the TpT SALE! 

My store, as well as many others, will be on sale for the entire two days! Have fun shopping!!


May 5th is my husband's birthday! He is the best! ALMOST 2 years of marriage! He is the best! I just love him so much and I am so proud of us and all we have accomplished! Time to celebrate how great he is to me! 

Happy MAY!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Out with the Old, in with the New!

So many new things happening over here at Little Lovely Leaders!

As you may have already noticed, the new blog design is up and ready! Yay!! I am just so in love with it! Becca, from Jumping Jax Designs, did an amazing job! She is seriously incredible! She did everything with the blog, and is also behind the design of my new store site, which will be in working order as of May 5th! So soon!

I have been working really hard this past year on this new design: The Teacher's Life Binder

Some of you may already be using the binders I have been selling on TpT for a few years now. I decided that I wanted to create things for myself that were more modern looking..more clean..more tasteful and "adult" looking. I am really excited about the designs I have coming out May 5th. This one, the "Out & About Teacher's Life Binder", is my first design of the few coming out this year. I just love it so much and can't wait for y'all to see more of it! 

Over 200 pages of helpful forms for you! Some pages included are: a calendar for the 2014-2015 school year, meeting notes pages, teacher forms for students and parents, grade book pages, conference pages, to do lists, and more! There are sections for your school life, your home life, your finances, your substitute, etc. This is an ALL IN ONE binder! Plus, because you will put it in a three ring binder of your choice, you can always put more into your binder! Make it your own! 

A little preview:

Calendar pages for each month. Between each month are notes pages for you to keep your notes from meetings that took place in that month...or anything else you want to write down!

Planning pages for 41 weeks! 

Keep track of when you send home "happy notes" with your students! I find that this is something I was lacking, and now that I have it, it is my favorite page in the binder!

Keep track of important information from parent-teacher conferences, and you will be able to quickly reference them later if you need to look back on a conference.

I hope you guys like the new blog design as much as I do! Also..the new Teacher's Life Binder! Keep checking back for updates OR just wait until MAY 5, 2014 (Monday) to preorder your binder!

It's never a bad time to get organized!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Cleaning Sale!

Sale Time!

Spring Cleaning Sale this weekend! Go get all of your favorites for up to 20% off! Everything in my store is on SALE!

Head over to the Linky Party to find out who else has their store on SALE! Click the links in this post to get where you need to go :) 

Time for me to go shop the sales! 
Yay! Hooray! Wahoo! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Informational Text Features and Graphic Organizers

Informational text is a difficult area for our students. No matter who the teacher matter which state they live in...informational text is a tough concept for elementary students. 

We all use graphic organizers - whether it be the simple "web" or a Venn diagram, I am sure you would all raise your hand if I were to ask who has used one or more in their classroom. However, have we really ever taught the difference between the graphic organizers? Or have we explained how they can be used to a benefit our ability to dissect informational text? If you follow along with this blog post, I will go through an entire reading lesson that will dive deep into graphic organizers and their uses for ANY text (not just informational).

Text patterns help students become more comfortable with the ways informational text is presented to them...which is not always the simplest way. They will also help create scaffold (the graphic organizers) to assist students in organizing the information they are reading - in a MEANINGFUL way! Last, the lead to "framed paragraphs" which is a strategy I will touch on later that helps students recall what they learned from a specific piece of text.

These text patterns can be used to give meaning/purpose to the text. My favorite way to use them is to have them act as an active reading strategy - having students organize their information into their graphic organizer while reading or after reading makes them a more active reader. They also develop your students into a worker - forcing them to gather important information while they are reading.

This is the list we make in class that allows students to understand how our text patterns and graphic organizers are helpful to us for reading:
1 - help you preview what you are about to read and how you are going to read it critically
2 - help you organize your thoughts while reading
3 - help make information text less confusing and "wordy"
4 - help you learn how to take notes
5 - help you write a response to your reading

Our graphic organizers:

1. Compare and Contrast (aka the Venn Diagram):
I sometimes like to give my students the option of using the H Chart. We use this when we don't have enough room to write in the circles of a Venn Diagram. Each side is a topic, and the middle (horizontal section) is the "both" area.
 2. Cause and Effect Webs:
 3. Attribute Web (aka Characteristic Web):
 4. Sequence Chart (aka Timeline):

For this lesson with the students, I always find a piece of writing from one of our textbooks (usually Social Studies works the best!) that allows me to create a question for each of these graphic organizers. Your questions should use the "neon light words" that I have listed in the Graphic Organizer Pack available in my store. These neon light words allow students to figure out which graphic organizer will best help them organize their information and write their response. Here are some question stems that may help you generate your questions:

1. Compare and contrast.....____ and ____
2. Describe the characteristics of ____________
3. What might have caused the author to ..... ?
4. What was the sequence of events that led to .... ?

See!? You can pick out which graphic organizer to use because of my neon light words! (more listed in the pack)

I love love love this lesson and it has proven useful for me time and time again. I have done many different lessons that later stem from this lesson, as well. This is only the start to your students fully understanding information text. It also allows them to see the importance of having a purpose when we are reading and taking notes...otherwise, why take notes? 

If there is no purpose to it, 
students will not retain it.

 Working together!

 Group presentations
This is the star system I use to monitor group work - they earn stars while they work and they know how to get stars (as discussed prior to group work)