Thursday, July 26, 2012


Everyone has them, no one wants them, and they are the only bug that doesn't 
totally make me scream...what are they? Jitterbugs!!!

I am linking up with Fierce in Fourth to let you all know SOME of my first day jitters!
(of course, there are more where these came from...)

1. New theme! We are beginning our Leadership theme this year - modeling everything we do based on Stephen Covey's book, The Leader In Me and Sean Covey's, The Seven Habits of Happy Kids. I am super excited, and I know I am prepared with materials - but I just hope that I am able to start living these habits 100% in my personal life, so that it is easier for me to model them in my classroom! I know this will benefit the students greatly!
2. New parents! I am always nervous for the new set of parents that come with a new class! I had such an amazing set of parents last year, and I just hope I continue to have that sort of luck! I am such a pleaser, so I usually can please all of the parents - but I have heard such horror stories! I always get nervous about the new group!
3. 3 way switch! We went down from having 4 fifth grade teachers last year, to just 3 teachers in fifth grade this year. This means we turned from a 2 way switch (where I taught Science and Math, and my team teacher taught ELA, SS, Reading) to a 3 way switch where I will be solely focused on Math for ALL of the entire fifth grade class! AHH! So now..all of those kids math knowledge rests on my shoulders! Yikes! That can get a little stressful if I think about it for too long.

Thanks for listening! It feels good to share my jitterbugs with you all! I know that we all have things we are nervous about, but that we all rise to the challenge! 

Link up with Fierce in Fourth to let all of us know what gives you your jitterbugs!


  1. Parents make me nervous too! I am sure they will love you!
    Fancy Free in Fourth

  2. Hi Bridget,
    Your blog is adorable! I am a new follower of yours and have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Please stop by my blog and pick it up:)

  3. I just became your newest follower! I'm a 5th grade teacher also, but I teach LA/SS. I'd love it if you stopped by!


  4. I am a new follower! I teach kindergarten - up the road from you in Pawleys Island. Love your blog! :) Check out my blog and giveaway!
    My Kindergarten Kids

  5. Hi Bridget,
    I’m one of your followers. I am a Newbie Blogger, so I appreciate all of the sharing of advice and ideas. Come on over for a visit sometime.
    Teaching Fabulous Firsties!

  6. Hey Bridget!
    I'm so glad I found your blog on the linky party! You have some great classroom management ideas. Don't listen to the horror stories! I usually find that issues that arise between parents and teachers are personality conflicts. Once these parents see how dedicated you are to helping their children, they'll LOVE you!

    Your new follower!
    Kinder Journey