Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gotta love a planner!

So I have been wanting a cute way to write my plans each week....Writing plans is always my LEAST favorite thing to do, so I figured if I had a cute way to do it...I might actually enjoy it! 

**Keep reading for a give-a-wayyyy....**

Since my Yearly Binder was a great hit, I decided to match my planner/grade book to the binder - this way, purchasers of the binder can use this as an insert to our plans and grade book sections! YAY! I love when things go together!! Color coordinating is the best, right?!

Here are some pictures of the planner:
 Above you see the cover page and the lesson plan pages. There are two to choose from...on one I included the subject areas on the top, on the other I left those spaces blank - ready for you to fill in your subjects! I am in love with pink and purple you can see.... haha!!!
 Grade book pages and student checklist pages have enough room for 35 students! I hope you don't have more than that in one homeroom! Yikes!
The grade book has room for the date on the top tab, the assignment below in each column, and the the bottom left corner has "quarter" and "subject"
The checklist has room for the item you are checking at the bottom of each column and the date on the top tabs.
 I love these pages! Who doesn't love to feel organized when you look at your whole year at once! Something that could be stressful, but I feel when you have it all written settles the nerves! These pages are in the same format, but one is specified for Long Range Plans while the other is for Important Dates to Remember. You also see a small sheet in list format for dates to remember...if you like that better!
Here you see lists for volunteers and events, and then the notes page that usually ends up to be "To Do" lists, right?!! 

I hope everyone likes the planner!! Especially those of you who already have my binder! I am excited to have these new inserts in my binder! 
So...which one of you will be the first to answer this correctly....
what is my FAVORITE T.V. show?!
Get it right and receive this planner AND my yearly binder  
There are so many shows out would not be fair without some hints..
1. Rosita
2. "Sincerely, Baby Kangaroo"
3. Unagi


  1. Okay, I'm taking a guess here because I couldn't find the answer anywhere on your blog...and I even checked out your sister's blog a little. My guess is The Bachelorette. I have a couple of other thoughts, but I keep to one guess. I love your blog. It is so bright and colorful.

  2. I love you blog! I can't wait to school start to try all of this wonderful ideas. O.k. here's my guess for your favorite show, is it, "Friends'?

  3. Okay...I think I have it, but if it us you must be a super fan. Is it FRIENDS?

  4. Yay for hints!! I have winners already!!!!! :) I will contact both of you today!

  5. Aww I am too late! I was going to guess "Friends" too! Haha!

  6. Aww man I am also too late. Friends is by far the best show there ever was:)

  7. I love Friends!!! Unagi Salmon Skin Roll!!!

  8. I can tell you like Friends. I hope I win one of your planners.