Monday, August 27, 2012

Gotta Love a Shout Out!

I have some really amazing news that I am just sooo excited about!
Meghan Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade has just blogged about one of my items!!! 
I know, I can't believe it either!

So I made this calendar on my white board over the summer, and created all of these little magnets that go along with the calendar - like holidays, special school events, etc. and I am IN LOVE with it! 
I added it to TpT hoping that maybe some other crafters would be interested in creating their own large calendar...Lucky for me, an amazing blogger like Farley did! :) Woo Hoo!!

Go check out her link to her calendar by clicking HERE or the link to her blog above.

My calendar: on a white board in my classroom

Farley's calendar: on a sheet cut at the store of dry erase tile so that she can move it around the room!

The product via TpT!

A HUGE THANKS TO FARLEY AT OH BOY FOURTH GRADE!!! I am so excited about this! You made my day! :) Thank youuuu!

If you have made this calendar, PLEASE send me a picture because I would LOOOVE to see how yours looks! 


  1. Bridgett! I am so glad that I found you on TpT and discovered your blog! I started mine when I taught first grade last year. I miss my babies and pretty much can't wait to get back into Opelika City Schools. :) I so hope that we can keep in touch! I need to update my blog. It's been a while but I get so busy. I will have to share your blog with the rest of the MA crew. Congratulations on your new married life! You look so beautiful in your picture! :) Planning a wedding is so fun and so stressful. Have a great school year!

  2. Hi Bridget,

    New reader here. Just L.O.V.E. this idea. When I am ready to switch my calendar you better believe I will be making one of these. :)

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