Monday, August 13, 2012

Leadership all around :)

Many of you know that my school is a "Leader In Me" School. If you don't know what that means, I can briefly explain: We follow the idea from "Leader In Me" by Stephen Covey. We use the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in our every day curriculum...integrating it into as much as possible. I absolutely LOVE the effect it has on the students. They become more responsible for their actions and their future. They care more for others, showing empathy rather than giggling when someone has a question or needs help. I just love how they turn into Little Leaders :)

I have done a lot of Leadership-ing in my room this year! I wanted to share some of these things with you all because I really do think any student, any where, can gain from learning these 7 habits. 

It all starts with the basics! The 7 Habits of Happy Kids by Sean Covey is a great way to teach the 7 habits in an "elementary" way, with fun stories that the students can understand!

I created these posters which you can find FREE on my TpT store. I added some ribbon for fun :) and to add a little bit to my rainbow themed room! I used these same clip art pictures in a lot of different decorations in class. That way, the students can recognize the images as a representation of that habit, no matter what they are looking at (whether it be a poster or the little notes - FREE - that I send home when I catch them using one of the 7 habits).

Yay for rainbows!

Don't you all just love when students compliment each other? I DO :)
This "Catch a Habit" station is something I just came up with the other day and I cannot wait to use it!! If a student sees one if his/her peers demonstrating one of the 7 habits, then they can find free time to hop over to this station and grab a small sheet of white paper from the pink cup. They fill out the student's name who they saw demonstrating the habit, what he/she was doing to prove the use of the habit, and then sign their own name to the bottom. Once the sheet is filled out, they place the paper in the cup that matches the demonstrated habit. 
I do not have a habit 7 cup because I did not want to have a bunch of forms turned in when people are caught "sharpening the saw", since that is simply...relaxing!! 

Grab the sheet of paper from the pink cup...

Place it in to the cup that matches the habit you saw a peer demonstrating...

Last but not least...
The Leaders of the Month!! I am really excited about these. Basically, I will just pick a leader of the month for each habit and display their picture on this wall! I feel like it will look really cute once their pictures are up! I will also let them right a brief description of what that habit means to them and add it up there next to their picture :)
I will be adding these as a free item on my blog and TpT very soon!

Well thanks for reading, everyone! I am currently watching tv...on my couch...with my cat...and LOVING it... this is all going to change tomorrow when school starts :( ahhh

Hope you all like some of my Leadership additions to the classroom! Even if you are not a Leader In Me school, you may be able to incorporate habits into your curriculum anyway! It is super cute to watch them learn the habits, and then start showing how they are incorporating them into their daily lives, as well :)


  1. This is all so wonderful! I have LOVED and adored all of your 7 Habits resources and you do such a great job incorporating them into your classroom :) Thanks again for sharing!!

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  2. How cute. I love the words in the windows!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  3. Love the leaders of the month idea!! Your room looks great!

    Kindergarten Smiles

  4. Bridget, looks cute as always! I love your ideas!
    Check out my Monday Made it too!
    Fancy Free in Fourth

  5. Thank you for posting these. I will be passing the post on to the teachers at my school. We are in our 2nd year of the process of becoming a 7 habits school. We are implementing it in the classroom this year. I'm excited!

    All Things Teachery

  6. OH, I CAN'T WAIT!!! I went thru a leadership course as an adult and fell in love with the 7 habits. I recently found the kids version. I am so excited to be using it this year in my classroom. I LOVE the posters and ideas you have to go along with this...

  7. This has to be the cutest idea ever. I LOVE the colors!!!! I LOVE the idea. It looks great!!! I will be rolling over to TPT to look for those signs and Amazon to look for the book!!

  8. Super cute idea :) Very thought out and organized. Way to go!

    Always A Lesson

  9. Love this - I especially love your cups! In our building we (adults) catch our students using the habits and they earn slips that way (on their way to being able to paint their names onto a ceiling time), but we have been striving for ways to allow our kids to recognize each other.... BEAUTIFUL

  10. Do you have the Catch a Habit sign shown in your pictures available on your teacherspayteachers page or is there any way I can get it? Love these ideas and will definitely be using them this year since I just transferred to a Covey Leadership school!

  11. I LOVE the Catch a Habit idea! I'm so excited to start doing this! I randomly stumbled upon your blog looking for a quick 7 Habits freebie, and then I just spent half the morning reading everything you have on here and TpT. lol! Thanks A LOT for taking up all my time this morning! Just kidding! Thanks again!

  12. I'm trying to locate your 7 Habits posters and other activities on TpT but I can't find them. Do you still have them available? I would LOVE to use them! They are so cute!

  13. I'm also looking for your 7 Habits Posters. I LOVE them!
    Please let me know if they are still available :)

  14. I love your stuff... but I'm in K and it is hard to convert some of it. I was wondering if any other teachers have a blog or TPT things. :)

    Thanks for sharing... Leader in Me is a wonderful thing.

  15. I can not find any of your 7 Habits materials in your TPT store. Are they still available? They look great from your blog.

  16. Do you still have these printables available? Looking for the Catch A Habit. So cute!!!

  17. Hey! I cannot find the 7 Habits posters in your TPT store..Are they still available?? Thanks!

  18. Hi! Love your TPT store. I am looking for the 7 Habits posters also. Are they still available? Thanks

  19. Hi, I was looking for posters of the first few habits for my 10 year olds room as she is having trouble staying engaged and we thought a nice visual reminder might help! :) I can't find them on the website though. Do you still have them somewhere that you could possibly send them to me or something? Let me know :)

    1. I realized I forgot to click "notify me" so I'm doing that now :)