Saturday, August 18, 2012

I know it's back 2 school when...

AH it is back to school time!

Us teachers all have things we relate to back to school time... new clothes, smiley parents on the first day of school, new classroom decorations, a clean classroom....and more! There are always those few things that you relate only to back to school...I love reading the other teacher's comments about back to school because it usually is exactly something I relate to! I love it! 

Whether its new supplies, your new roster, or the lack of sleep...we all relate to some of these things! Below are the two that definitely remind me of back to school time!

I am ADDICTED to TiVo !! I love all of those silly reality TV shows...ABCfamily shows...and of course, Friends..
I record soo many things each night, that sometimes I cannot even turn on the TV in that room if I am not watching it because too many things are taping for me to watch something else! My husband hates it! He ends up having to watch his sporting events in the other room....oops...
Anyway, TiVo is great and all...but you need time to go back and watch the shows you have taped. Where IS that time during back to school? It is spent blogging, checking out other blog ideas, working on plans, making data charts for my new students....or searching TpT for things that might save me time! I don't even have the time to watch my TiVo! Does this happen to any of you? Do you end up thinking about the level of priority you have for some of these "hmm...that one is not as important, I will just delete it..." hahaha! I always do that! I never end up even watching certain things like Housewives of Atlanta..which just is not as interesting to me as the Housewives of New Jersey! I mean, c'mon...would you rather watch people stuck in an RV fighting, or watch someone think about opening a funeral home? hahaha!

This one is very important! My mom always visits sometime near the beginning of school and when she does...she makes chicken salad and freezes sausage for me to make later! I looooove this chicken salad for lunch the whole first week of school and my husband loves coming home to spaghetti and sausage!! It just wouldn't be "back to school" without mom's food! I will have to wait until September for it this year! Sad :( 

What things do you relate to "Back to School" time? Tell us all by joining this linky party! Click the blank chalkboard above to find out how :) Can't wait to read everyone's ideas about back to school time!


  1. Oh wow! Your mom is awesome! My mom did that for me last year because we moved during the first week of school and it was so chaotic. I think maybe I need to drop some hints about that becoming a tradition! haha
    I found your blog through the Back to School Linky and I'm your newest follower!

    First with Franklin

  2. I love Friends! It's the only thing on my DVR haha.

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  3. I hate when my tivo fills and I have to choose which shows I want to delete!! and I need to get Mom on the job of filling my refrigerator! I have nothing for lunch! hahaha

    Kindergarten Smiles

  4. Wow! That is so helpful of your mom to do for you! That first week of school is so tiring.
    Conversations in Literacy