Friday, October 5, 2012

Craftivity and a WEEKEND FREEBIE :)

:) "Happy weekend" :)
Those are the best 2 words EVER for teachers...

So I made a really great purchase a few weekends ago and I cannot wait to share it with all of you! The Gum ball Machine Craftivity from Amy Lemons at Step into Second Grade is A-Mazing! I bought it on a whim because I am a sucker for craftivities...but this is not just a craftivity...I can use this WITH ANY UNIT :) This activity can be used with basically any and every subject! It turned out super colorful in our hallway, as well! 
Who doesn't love something that can be used with anything? 
It's like a denim just goes with ALL of my colored pants!

(links to this product can be found above in my description of the product)

Amy included everything needed for this creativity! The kids were super independent with their work! I was so excited about it! I showed them a final product that I created, and from there, they worked on their own! They are such little leaders!

How I used them in my 5th grade Math class:
We had just completed the unit on adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators (I would have to say...probably the most difficult thing I teach all year...). I wanted to reward them with this super-fun craft! I created a worksheet that had 10 problems on it (adding/subtracting with unlike denominators). The students had to complete this worksheet before they could collect any materials for their gum ball machine. However, I made it a little bit more relaxed than usual - we listed to music and could whisper (as long as they proved they could work at the same time). It was really wonderful! 

As the students completed their work, they checked their answers and then continued on with the craft. We put the problem on one gum ball, and the solution on the matching gum ball! These turned out so adorable! I love them! The kids even showed their personality in them by using their creativity when coloring the gum balls :)

The work I created to go along with this craftivity:

 I had one of my classes help me create this extra large gum ball machine to show the school that we know the steps used to solve these fraction equations! We include the steps it takes to get through simplifying our answers! I wrote the SC state standard on the slot part of this machine.

The students wrote their standard on their machines, as well! I love this because then when they take their work home, parents will know exactly what we are learning by reading the gum ball machine! I think the font that Amy used for this craft is super cute!

*                       Now for a FREEBIE :)                    *
I have had these up for a while, but wanted to wait until I had really used them before I blogged about them. As most of you know, I teach at a Leadership school (where the 7 Habits are integrated into everyday learning). Part of my Leadership classroom is my Leader of the Month board! This is favorite wall in the room for a lot of the students, because their silly pictures are posted here! They get to feel special for the month! They earn it, though! :) They work so hard to learn the 7 Habits, so I love to recognize their efforts. We have a Leader of the Month for EACH habit. I place the student's picture under the habit they exhibited and they write a short description telling others about why they were chosen for that position :) Their responses are extra adorable! 

Below is my Proactive Leader of the Month:

The other titles that may be won:
1. Proactive Leader of the Month
2. Putting First Things First Leader of the Month
3. Beginning with the End in Mind Leader of the Month
4. Thinking Win-Win Leader of the Month
5. Seeking First to Understand, then to be Understood Leader of the Month
6. Synergizing Leaders of the Month 
(I picked 2 this month because they did a great job working together!)
7. Sharpening the Saw Leader of the Month

These can be used in ANY classroom...not just a classroom in a school where the 7 Habits are implemented. I think that all students should learn these amazing habits. They are really helpful for future success! I just love hearing the students use the terminology, as well, when they have meaningful discussions about the habits.


This was in my Dove chocolate today while I was at school...
I just felt so good after I read this, so I had to share it!
"Love what you do"


  1. I love reading about your leadership activities!


  2. Loveeeee how the craftivity came out!!! Shows how 5th graders can still make the 'cutesy' crafts!!!


  3. Love both the craft and your Leader in Me stuff!

    Super cute!

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

  4. What a creative way to incorporate the math concept (adding & subrtracting) fractions. The final product is adorable! Sounds like your students had fun with the project.

  5. Thanks for sharing your new leadership ideas, I love to see what you have in store!!

  6. I'm your newest follower. I found you on pinterest, but I guess I actually found you in TT. I am katie from teacher to the core, and I'm in your give away ( the whole year of abc order) Oh my goodness do I love your blog! Darling! I am thinking about jumping into the leadership pool. I have been hearing buzzzzzz about the book. How does it work in the first grade classrooms at your school? How deep do the first grade teachers go?

  7. Any chance you have this freebie somewhere else since it's no longer on your TpT?