Sunday, October 14, 2012

Decimal, Percent, and Fraction Fun!!

I have been using my thinking cap for ways to make my converting decimals, fractions, and percents unit FUN...and I think I succeeded this year! My students had so much fun this past week, and I had some of the best quiz scores I have had so far this year! and record sheets!

My new unit on Teachers Pay Teachers is my Converting Decimals, Percents, and Fractions Unit


 Copy the cards on colored paper to ensure that students don't see through the paper during the Memory Game. Students cut out the cards and turn them upside-down in rows/columns, just like the old fashioned memory game we all know and love :)

     Students can use the instructions sheet at a math center, or you can play this whole group by partnering up your students.

        Use these record sheets to have the students fill out their matches/pairs. You can walk around and see the pairs they have found so far to make sure the students are playing correctly. It also makes sure that the students are always paying attention to the pairs their opponent is finding, as well! I just LOVE watching the students play this game because they have great conversation about why certain cards are matches, or why other cards are not matches! :)

Above: Students playing memory

My students really loved playing memory! But the next day, I introduced a different game with the very same cards...Go Fish!! There is a record sheet and instructions for Go Fish included in the packet, as well.
 Above: Students playing Go Fish

Another activity included is a decimal, percent, and fraction sort and glue
Students cut the cards out...
 Then sort them into the three columns, and glue! :)
Great way to introduce fractions into the mix
There is also a homework sheet for decimals and percents included in the packet! Basically, it is everything I used to teach converting! :) My students really loved it! Also, now that they have learned how to play these games, I plan on using these games at math centers in the future, as well as before the state testing for review :)

Find this unit HERE ...Enjoy! :)

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