Sunday, November 25, 2012

Metric Caterpillar Craftivity

I am super pumped to get back to school tomorrow!

huh? What did I just say...?

I mean it! I am so ready! :) We are going to start metric conversions tomorrow 
and it is my favorite craftivity of the year!

These cute caterpillars are also HELPFUL

This little guy is labeled:
Kilo   Hecto   Deka/Deca   Unit   Deci   Centi

I use the phrase: King Henry Doesn't Usually Drink Chocolate Milk
to help us remember the order in our metric units.
The "U" in Usually stands for unit, which can be liter, meter, or gram depending on what you are measuring.

We use this little guy to help us convert with the metric system...for example, if I am given 1.2 centimeters of string, and I need to know how many meters that is...I would have to move over two parts of the caterpillar's body to the LEFT... so.... now I just move the decimal over that many spaces in the same direction on my given number:

1.2 centimeters becomes .012 meters

How easy is that?

This little pack comes with the tracing pieces and the explanation (with a picture of the final product). 

I have this product alone or bundled in a pack of other craftivities on sale in my TpT store!

I can't wait to make these caterpillars tomorrow!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

New and Editable!

I tackled my first editable product over this Thanksgiving holiday break, and I am super pumped that it is up on TpT and ready to go for the Cyber Monday and Tuesday SALE - 28% off everything in my store, as well as many other TpT seller's stores!

So..about this new, editable product...

A HUGE binder packet, all wrapped up so that you can have everything with one purchase!
...and it all matches :) of course, I love that!

I tried to get most of the pages in these four thumbnails, which can also be found on my TpT page
but there are over 100 pages you can choose from to create your binder, so it was hard to fit them all!

My favorite part about this is that it is EDITABLE! I have not tackled an editable project until now, but I really feel like if I were a buyer, I would love to be able to personalize a binder!

It starts off with different choices of covers you can use for your binders. You can either keep it ALL in one large binder (which is what I prefer, but it gets heavy!) OR you can separate the documents and dividers into smaller binders (as seen in the first picture above).

Below you will see the documents that are in the Substitute packet portion of the binder
-Safety procedures
-A thank you note
-How we get home
-Class schedule
-Student behavior log
-and more!
 You can also see (above) that there are different documents pre-made for you to use in your student information binder pack. This includes a form for you to log your students' birthdays, contact info, etc.

The many dividers follow in these next two thumbnails...

Remember, ALL of this can be PERSONALIZED to fit your needs! 
You can add text boxes wherever you need them AND there are blank divider pages and binder spines so that you can even create your own dividers/spines to match!!! YAY!

I have been using my Chevron binder this year, and I have been loving it! This included the same content, but it now editable and in a different print/background :)

I just love this bright, animal print! 
In the spirit of Thanksgiving...and animal print...I will be giving this product away to those readers who can name one of my three favorite animals! This means THREE people can win this :)

Dont forget...all of my items (as well as many other seller's items) will be on sale for 28% off on TpT this Monday and Tuesday! Read below, in an older post, for more information about the sale. You can also check out the linky party on that post below to find other stores that are having Cyber Monday and Tuesday sales! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cyber Monday & Tuesday!

It is that time of year again for Teachers Pay Teachers!

I cannot wait to avoid lines and get the things I really want this year by celebrating 
CYBER MONDAY AND TUESDAY with Teachers Pay Teachers!!

I don't know about all of you, but there are some items I have had sitting in my cart on Teachers Pay Teachers. I really just have not purchased them yet because I am waiting until closer to the time when I will be teaching that specific skill...however, I am definitely going to purchase them throughout Cyber Monday and Tuesday on Teachers Pay Teachers!! 
Hooray for sales!!

I will be having a 28% off sale in my ENTIRE store
Little Lovely Leaders, on Monday and Tuesday!

Some of my favorites that you can get for 28% off are...
Yearly Binder for Organization

Items for the Leadership Classroom!
Student Data Binder created for independent students to monitor grades, as well as Classroom Jobs that work well in a classroom where the students are leaders of their own actions!
Created to be used on a white board/dry erase board
Create a calendar large enough so that you can write in the squares. Students will get to view the whole month at once, rather than just the weeks like in their planners. Comes with all holidays, all dates, and some school-specific holidays, as well!
Two of my favorite math units!
Patterns and Functions Algebra Unit (my newest item on sale!) and the 

Common Core Hot Seat Game and a pack containing 

Something I am really excited to 
purchase from another teacher blogger...

There are so many great activities and resources out there, being shared by some of our amazing teachers!

Thanks to Michelle, The 3AM Teacher for setting up this totally fabulous linky party!
Check out all of the other teacher bloggers who have their items on sale for Cyber Monday and Tuesday! Just check out all of the blogs below to see what the other teacher's are talking about buying this Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Algebra, Chalk, and a Giveaway!

I have been dealing with what most teachers are dealing with at this time of the year...
a bad case of "overwhelmed"!

Thank goodness for the week long vacation we get for Thanksgiving break! I am so THANKFUL for this time I am spending......
sitting on the couch 
with my cat
by the fire
drinking hot tea
and looking out over the mountains!

How perfect?! I went for a nice, mountainous run this morning with my mom...which is much different than the flat roads of Charleston I am used to! I definitely need to work on my up-hill running. Whew! 

I have finally started to tackle some of the things I have on my holiday "to do" list. One of those things is this new unit - Algebra: Patterns and Functions Unit
I am extra proud of the completion of this unit because it has been 2 weeks of creating activities each night for my students as we explore patterns and functions. I am really excited about the activities in here, and I know I will use them later this year again for test practice! Below is a quick glance at some of the 45 pages included - you can also click here to visit my TpT page and read a more detailed
The day before the test, we went over the study guide inside the classroom, and then we went outside and PLAYED WITH CHALK! 
Well...we studied with chalk! :) We had so much fun on such a beautiful day. The students worked in pairs to create geometric patterns, number patterns, and function machines. This was one of my favorite days this year :)
Above: The number pattern created was 3, 5, 7, 9, __, __
The other student filled in the 2 blanks with 11 and 13, and then found the rule: x + 2 = y

Above: The number pattern created by one student is 8, 16, 24, ___
The other student filled in the next blank with 32, and then found the rule: n + 8

I mean, who doesn't love chalk?

I will be giving this unit away FREE to anyone who can guess what hilarious TV show I am watching as I blog....Just comment below and leave your e-mail! 
Feel free to try up to 3 guesses! :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012


I am a little late to this November Currently Linky Party! I was out of town this weekend and I am certainly glad to be home! It is always such a great feeling to get home, get the laundry done, clean the house...and get into the down comforter! Life is so great!

I am currently completely obsessed with the new Taylor Swift CD
I just love the music...especially number 4

I need Thanksgiving Break sooo much! I feel like this year has started and I still have not caught up to it! I am, however, very excited for this weekend because I will be seeing my amazing family, one of whom is my very pregnant sister! Baby shower weekend! YAY! 

I hope you all are enjoying November!
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