Monday, November 19, 2012

Algebra, Chalk, and a Giveaway!

I have been dealing with what most teachers are dealing with at this time of the year...
a bad case of "overwhelmed"!

Thank goodness for the week long vacation we get for Thanksgiving break! I am so THANKFUL for this time I am spending......
sitting on the couch 
with my cat
by the fire
drinking hot tea
and looking out over the mountains!

How perfect?! I went for a nice, mountainous run this morning with my mom...which is much different than the flat roads of Charleston I am used to! I definitely need to work on my up-hill running. Whew! 

I have finally started to tackle some of the things I have on my holiday "to do" list. One of those things is this new unit - Algebra: Patterns and Functions Unit
I am extra proud of the completion of this unit because it has been 2 weeks of creating activities each night for my students as we explore patterns and functions. I am really excited about the activities in here, and I know I will use them later this year again for test practice! Below is a quick glance at some of the 45 pages included - you can also click here to visit my TpT page and read a more detailed
The day before the test, we went over the study guide inside the classroom, and then we went outside and PLAYED WITH CHALK! 
Well...we studied with chalk! :) We had so much fun on such a beautiful day. The students worked in pairs to create geometric patterns, number patterns, and function machines. This was one of my favorite days this year :)
Above: The number pattern created was 3, 5, 7, 9, __, __
The other student filled in the 2 blanks with 11 and 13, and then found the rule: x + 2 = y

Above: The number pattern created by one student is 8, 16, 24, ___
The other student filled in the next blank with 32, and then found the rule: n + 8

I mean, who doesn't love chalk?

I will be giving this unit away FREE to anyone who can guess what hilarious TV show I am watching as I blog....Just comment below and leave your e-mail! 
Feel free to try up to 3 guesses! :)


  1. Two and a half men?

  2. I have no idea....but I love the pack. Adding it to my wishlist :)

    So just for fun I will say that show with Neil Patrick Harris (can't remember what it is called right now)

    Teaching in Room 6

  3. Friends..... I love
    the pack as well

  4. Big Bang Theory


  5. Last Man Standing :)--it's one of my favorites!

    Love the pack btw :)


  6. I forgot to leave my


  7. Sister Wives :)

  8. Gossip Girl? ybatot at yahoo dot com

  9. No one has guessed it yet! Keep on guessing :)

  10. The Office?


  11. Roseanne? Fraiser? Designing Women?

  12. New Girl? Parks and Rec?

    Bren P.

  13. Seinfeld?


  14. Thanks for all of the comments! You guys are great! I love all of the shows you are naming! still isn't the answer!

    HINT: SHE makes me laugh every day!

  15. Jerri guessed it!! Ellen! :) Great guesses everyone! Thanks for reading :)

  16. Yay! I sure do love Ellen myself! I'm always glad when she decides to bust a move. My email is

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