Sunday, November 25, 2012

Metric Caterpillar Craftivity

I am super pumped to get back to school tomorrow!

huh? What did I just say...?

I mean it! I am so ready! :) We are going to start metric conversions tomorrow 
and it is my favorite craftivity of the year!

These cute caterpillars are also HELPFUL

This little guy is labeled:
Kilo   Hecto   Deka/Deca   Unit   Deci   Centi

I use the phrase: King Henry Doesn't Usually Drink Chocolate Milk
to help us remember the order in our metric units.
The "U" in Usually stands for unit, which can be liter, meter, or gram depending on what you are measuring.

We use this little guy to help us convert with the metric system...for example, if I am given 1.2 centimeters of string, and I need to know how many meters that is...I would have to move over two parts of the caterpillar's body to the LEFT... so.... now I just move the decimal over that many spaces in the same direction on my given number:

1.2 centimeters becomes .012 meters

How easy is that?

This little pack comes with the tracing pieces and the explanation (with a picture of the final product). 

I have this product alone or bundled in a pack of other craftivities on sale in my TpT store!

I can't wait to make these caterpillars tomorrow!

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