Saturday, November 24, 2012

New and Editable!

I tackled my first editable product over this Thanksgiving holiday break, and I am super pumped that it is up on TpT and ready to go for the Cyber Monday and Tuesday SALE - 28% off everything in my store, as well as many other TpT seller's stores!

So..about this new, editable product...

A HUGE binder packet, all wrapped up so that you can have everything with one purchase!
...and it all matches :) of course, I love that!

I tried to get most of the pages in these four thumbnails, which can also be found on my TpT page
but there are over 100 pages you can choose from to create your binder, so it was hard to fit them all!

My favorite part about this is that it is EDITABLE! I have not tackled an editable project until now, but I really feel like if I were a buyer, I would love to be able to personalize a binder!

It starts off with different choices of covers you can use for your binders. You can either keep it ALL in one large binder (which is what I prefer, but it gets heavy!) OR you can separate the documents and dividers into smaller binders (as seen in the first picture above).

Below you will see the documents that are in the Substitute packet portion of the binder
-Safety procedures
-A thank you note
-How we get home
-Class schedule
-Student behavior log
-and more!
 You can also see (above) that there are different documents pre-made for you to use in your student information binder pack. This includes a form for you to log your students' birthdays, contact info, etc.

The many dividers follow in these next two thumbnails...

Remember, ALL of this can be PERSONALIZED to fit your needs! 
You can add text boxes wherever you need them AND there are blank divider pages and binder spines so that you can even create your own dividers/spines to match!!! YAY!

I have been using my Chevron binder this year, and I have been loving it! This included the same content, but it now editable and in a different print/background :)

I just love this bright, animal print! 
In the spirit of Thanksgiving...and animal print...I will be giving this product away to those readers who can name one of my three favorite animals! This means THREE people can win this :)

Dont forget...all of my items (as well as many other seller's items) will be on sale for 28% off on TpT this Monday and Tuesday! Read below, in an older post, for more information about the sale. You can also check out the linky party on that post below to find other stores that are having Cyber Monday and Tuesday sales! 


  1. I am going to say giraffe!

  2. I'm going to say Monkeys or dogs. Love this file.

  3. How colorful! I will guess an elephant:)

  4. My guess is a zebra. :)

  5. Now I don't think I'm going to guess correctly, but I think you might like my answer. So if it makes you smile, that make me feel like a winner! I think your favorite animal is a chameleon because it can change into all the colors of the rainbow! And I know how you feel about the colors of the rainbow.

    I send you tons of smiles!
    Katie Knight

  6. My guess is random but flamingo :) your product looks amazing!!

  7. Alright, TWO have been guessed so far!! There is still ONE more animal that I love....

    You are all guessing great animals though! It is hard to say that some of these are in my top 3!


  8. My guess would be a cheetah or leopard. Love your binder pack especially that its editable.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Is it a dolphin? :)


  10. I think it's a Kangaroo because she has a built-in pocket organizer!

  11. No one has guessed my third favorite animal yet!! Hint: brrrrrr...chilly!

  12. Is it a polar bear? They are so cute! :-)


  13. They have all been guessed! yay!