Saturday, January 12, 2013

Product Swap Time!

       What time is it? Product Swap time!
Hosted by Jessica at Mrs. Stanford's Class
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I have been looking forward to this day for a few weeks now because I have been so excited to tell you about this amazing product! Kristine over at Young Teacher Love has created a fabulous math product that has me SO excited to go Common Core! I am just obsessed with ALL of her stuff! It is truly incredible because all of her products are SO full of useful pages! I have never had a product where EVERY SINGLE PAGE is useful for me...Until NOW! Thanks Miss Nannini!


Miss Nannini's 
Standards Based Assessments and Teaching Notes!
You can find this item here at her TpT store!
Each section is a direct fit to the Common Core Standards for fifth grade Math. I am so in love with how Miss Nannini put the standards and description at the beginning of each section. She also included the conceptual, procedural, and representational levels of mastery for each section. 
I love the pages that include the "I can" statements for the students to fill out. My students really enjoyed these statements. While they were filling them out, I realized that there is not a lot of opportunity in school for them to tell someone what they can do now that they have learned a new skill.  These pages with "I can" statements were more fun that I even anticipated because we ended up in a huge discussion about all of the new things we can do now! The kids really enjoyed telling me what they feel like the are capable of now that they have mastered this section.

Each section has an assessment for the students, as well. The questions are perfect for the types of questions we should be asking with the adoption of Common Core. There is also a little box at the bottom of each page to keep track of how many students are getting right or wrong. I always do this when I grade tests/quizzes, so having the box was a little detail that made me really happy!
Oh, the little things in life!

Of course, a huge reason why this unit is so complete is because of its well-made answer keys! They are so easy to use because they are minimized down to one page - well really, a half of a page! I love it!  I don't have to flip through pages in order to grade the assessments.
This item is even Kitty-Approved!
..she is so perfect...
This unit goes great with Miss Nannini's Student Tracking Binder! I don't have this item yet, but I have it in my cart and will definitely start using it next year with my Common Core Kiddos! 
Click the picture below to get to the tracking binder at her TpT store.

I am going to secretly admit that I have more than just that item from her store in my cart on Tpt....

She also shares awesome info and tips about effectively and efficiently using data with your students, as in her Student Tracking Binders, here on her blog!
Don't Forget!
This is a product swap, so Miss Nannini is doing a post about a product of mine that she wanted to try out for her class, as well! I am so excited about the product she chose from my store - 
Common Core Math Hot Seats!
To celebrate this product swap, my Common Core Hot Seats are on SALE for 20% off
My sister at Kindergarten Smiles sells this same product (Hot Seats) for Kindergarten and First Grade, while I have the Fifth Grade product!


  1. I have this for 3rd grade and LOVE it! I don't know how I would assess math without it! :)

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet words Bridget!! I am so glad your kids enjoyed talking about their "I can" statements. My kids feel the exact same way! Glad it's kitty approved too ;) ha!

    YoungTeacherLove 5th Grade Blog

  3. I am your newest follower thanks to the wonderful product swap!!! I love your blog.

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