Sunday, January 20, 2013

Something Old, Something New, Something FREE!

Not to rub it in...but I have had a 5 day weekend this weekend! It is like a Spring break in January!
I got to meet my brand new niece for the first time!! I am SO in love with her, it is ridiculous!!
I miss her already!

Some of you may have already seen this - it is my favorite of all of my freebies...

Well recently I received a special order for a version of this math alphabet, but for the primary grades. The wonderful teacher who requested this even sent me a list of the words she wanted for each letter! 
I love that! :) 

Some changes were made in order to make this more beneficial for primary grades:
1. The vowels are in a red border, while the consonants are a blue border (there is a 'y' in both colors)
2. The capital letters on each card are in purple, and the lower case letters are green on all cards.

I have actually been really surprised with how creative people get with this alphabet! I originally created it because I wanted to have some sort of alphabet over my white board...but I am a math-only classroom so I just could not justify having the plain, old letters over the board. My students have really loved having this alphabet over the board because they can refer to it in order to recall certain vocabulary words. They also love to look at the clip art, which is kid-friendly and silly :)
Other amazing teachers have mentioned their ideas to me and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing what you all do with these posters in your classroom! 
Here are some of the great ideas I have heard about:

1. Print them to a smaller scale and use them as the letter labels on a math word wall
2. Over the whiteboard as a math alphabet (like me!)
3. Bind into book form and have in your reading corner or at a center

Let me know if you can get creative with these posters in your classroom! 
I would love to hear how you use them.

I am super excited about this product because I just love it so much! I have a slight obsession with math...and every teacher loves an alphabet over their white board, right!?

Enter into the rafflecopter below to WIN 
this Math Alphabet for Primary Grades!
 Good luck!!
Giveaway Ended and Winners Have Been Chosen :)


  1. That baby girl is so cute! I love these primary posters! I would love to win them. Maybe an extra treat for the first comment.
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  2. Bridget your niece is beautiful! Congratulations!

    I LOVE these new cards! My students would really benefit from them! I REALLY hope I win but if I don't they are going into my cart! :-)


  3. If I win, can I get the one for the older grades? :)

    Fifth in the Middle

  4. Cute as! I love your cards and can't wait to use them when I'm actually a real teacher (ready for university to be done with right now!) next year!

  5. I love these primary letters! They would be perfection for my new second grade classroom. I start teaching the 28th! :)

  6. Adorable! Love all your stuff!

  7. So jealous of your 5 day weekend!!! Looks like you enjoyed it with that cute little peanut!

    Fancy Free in Fourth

  8. These are fantastic! I really like the idea of printing them in a smaller scale and including them on the word wall. I would introduce the words as we learn the concepts so the kids really got the most out of the cards being up.

    Thank you for creating and sharing!
    It's "OWL" Good in Kindergarten

  9. I am loving this giveaway, thanks for sharing the love!

    Faithful in First

  10. Your little niece is precious. Love the math alphabet. Thanks for the giveaway. I sure hope I win. :)

  11. I love the primary alphabet! I love the idea about using it to make a book! Even have students write some sentences to go with the words! :) Awesome job- thank you!

    Smiles from 2nd Grade

  12. What a doll baby! Enjoy the long weekend! Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Your niece is so precious! Keep on enjoying your long weekend! Your new math alphabet pack looks fantastic!


  14. Adorable baby girl! I miss when my niece and nephews were that little!

    Christina :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  15. You niece is adorable!!! I'd love to win a copy of the primary math alphabet!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  16. I'd love a copy of the primary math alphabet.

  17. Math alphabet looks awesome! Would love to have a copy! Thanks for the opportunity to win. :). Fingers crossed. :)

  18. Love these! Would love to add them to my math corner!

  19. I love your new primary version!

  20. Thanks for the opportunity.

  21. Congrats on becoming an aunt! It will be so much fun! Your new packet looks great. I teach first grade here in the Palmetto State and would love to have the alphabet!


  22. Thanks for the opportunity to win these.

  23. What a great idea! I would love to have this alphabet!

  24. Congratulations on being an auntie! It is one of my favorite things in life!

    This math alphabet is a great idea! I would love to have that in my classroom. Thank you for all that you do. :)

  25. I am SOOOO happy there is a primary version. I have the other but some are jsut too hard for my little ones. This is WONDERFUL. Thank you

  26. These are soooo pretty! Thank you so much for creating them! Whether or not I win, they're on my wish list! :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  27. Thank you for sharing! Love the math alphabet.

  28. Perfect for my firsties!!! :o)


  29. These posters are fabulous!! Thank you!


  30. Congratulations on your little niece. Enjoy your bundle of joy and your days off. :-)

  31. LOVE this! What a great addition this would be to my classroom.

  32. I would shrink them and use them as headers for my math word

  33. Hi there!
    I am a new visitor to your blog today!
    Your blog name was catchy and your design is very colorful....Just like mine! So happy to see your Alphabet Math Resource for primary grades. I teach first and this looks great! Thanks for sharing!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  34. what a great math alphabet! I just downloaded it from TPT!

    Your newest follower,
    Mrs. H's Resource Room