Sunday, March 31, 2013

April Currently!

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I am lovinggg the Maroon 5 little Sophia Grace would say (you may know her if you watch Ellen) ... "it is SO good!" I went to the Maroon 5 concert this past Friday with my parents and it was SO fabulous! Neon Trees and Owl City opened for them. I was so happy the whole time! Adam Levine is A-MAZING! Seriously...if you are ever given the opportunity to go to their concert...take it!

For Spring break I am in FL visiting my family and loving every minute of it. My almost-three-month-old niece is absolutely perfect in every way. I am so obsessed with her! I am SO enjoying the extra time I am spending with my mom and dad. I know that I hate living so far away from them, but I don't realize it sometimes until I am here and get to see them every day! I just love it! However....I am missssssing my husband and my cat!! They stayed in Charleston and I will not be back until Thursday! Wah! Miss you guys!

My advice is really just my favorite quote! I live by it! I love using it for myself, so I figured you guys may like it, as well! It really helps me on some days when you just don't feel 100%... just get up, dress up, and show up! The kids make it all better once they start walking in the door! Something that never hurts...put on your BEST outfit when you are not feeling well! The compliments make your day :)

Something exciting for me is a new craftivity I just posted! I am super in love with this craftivity and it looks so great in the halls at school! The kids really loved making them! They got really into it! 

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April Currently!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break!

I made it! 
I am sure that is what you all are thinking when you finally get to that
break you have been waiting for every day! I love my job!
Don't get me wrong...but man oh man is it great to have a week off of
working! I know my husband is jealous that he does not get this time off!

Spring break also allows me to work on a few things I've been
wanting to put together for you all!
I have my first Spring item ready!!

Click on the picture above to go directly to the TpT page.

I completed this with my students the day before Spring break. It was so much fun! It allowed the students to reinforce their knowledge about factoring and factors, while giving us a great Spring craft to display in the hallway! My students learned about factoring at the very beginning of the year and we are starting review right when we get back from break. This was a great start to review! So many things we do starts with factoring... prime factorization, GCF, simplifying fractions...etc! Factoring is a really important part of math, and the more automatic it becomes, the better it will be for the student. 

I don't know about yours, but my students love a craft! I love it, too! It is relaxing to listen to music while crafting...and doing math at the same time! It also gave me a lot of time to pull students to the small group table. The students worked so independently on this craftivity because there is a sheet typed up with steps on it for them to follow. The did a great job checking the steps after each thing they completed in order to see what they do next!

The first thing you do is print out the number sheet so that the 
students can choose three numbers to factor.
Once they have chosen three, the student fills out the Factor Flowers worksheet. 
This is the sheet that can be taken as assessment by the teacher. It shows the students' work, as well, so it makes a more meaningful hallway display.

Cut out the pieces you need. The number of petals depends on 
how many factors your number has all together!

Create your Factor Flowers! Super cute! The work is glued to a brown 
sheet of construction paper to look like a pot! On the leaves, we wrote how many factors and how many factor pairs each number well as if the number is prime or composite. 
I picked all composite numbers!

The students did such a great job! I let them be creative, too - They got to choose any colors they wanted from the piles I had...some of them even had pink flower stems! Super cute!

** Get this product HERE **

Whether you are back from Spring break, currently on Spring break, 
or waiting for Spring break...I hope you are having a 
marvelous weekend!!! Happy Easter! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Five for Friday!

Yay! Friday! Best. Day. Ever!
Especially this Friday... 
Taylor Swift concert tomorrow!!!!
Got the tickets in the mail this week! I am so excited, I can't even think!

1. New geometry unit!!!
I am really happy about this unit! I used every single bit of it in my classroom 
and it was such a fun week! 
Included in the unit:
-->Measurements: area, perimeter, volume
-->Geometric transformations: translation, reflection, line symmetry, 
rotational symmetry, rotation
-->2D shapes and 3D space figures
-->Study guides and tests
-->Task Cards that you can use at a center, for early finishers, or as a whole group!
-->"I have, Who has?" game for 3D shapes
-->Project ideas for the geometry unit

Take a peek at the task cards below 
OR read even closer HERE on TpT!

2. This week, my husband and I fixed up our front yard a little bit. 
We did not do any flowers yet, since it is still getting a bit cold at night. However, 
I definitely think this is an improvement so far ... take a look at the before and after...

 When you first buy a house, the lawn is done in the bare minimum...but at least when we first got it, the pine straw made it look 'okay'. Last week, we realized just HOW BADLY our lawn looked, so we knew we needed to get to work! We got the stone edgers at Lowe's, along with garden soil. We removed all of the pine straw and edged the garden area. I cannot wait to plant flowers next!

3. Preparing for Leadership Day
Our school is hosting a Leadership Day this Tuesday. If you are at a Leader In Me school, then you know what this is....if you are not, I will just give you the gist -
Leadership Day is a day where people from businesses around the town, or people who work at other schools nearby (or far away, sometimes), come to check out what your school has been doing with regards to the Leader In Me program. We show off all of our Covey-related things going on around school! The kids explain how they use the Seven Habits to better themselves personally and academically. This is not a "bring all of the parents to school day", but a day where people who are not necessarily in the education field can come to see what your school is all about. 

My fellow fifth grade teachers and I prepared a fishbone graphic organizer for the students to share their goals for fourth quarter, and how they plan to achieve them. We don't want to just hear the goal! I want to know HOW you plan to make it happen! We got out the paint brushes and tapped into our inner Picasso...

4. New running route!
Since we were not in our new house until September, I have not really done a lot running outside around this new area yet. It got cold close after our move, so I was just going to the gym to run. BUT now it's getting warmer!! Waaahh-hooo!!!  I found a great route that brings me right to the water's edge - LOVE IT! - but look who I found...

Um...I live in Charleston...I did not think we had chickens just roaming around near the marshland... so strange! Just seeing the water and then the chickens in the same view was really weird to me! When you think of beach, do you think of chickens? haha!! Now you can!

5. Niece update!
Oh wait, she is perfect, AS USUAL! :) I just love her so so so much!! I cannot wait to get home for Spring Break (one week from today!) to see her!! I am not going to let her go until I have to board the plane to come back! 

Fist pumping on St. Patty's!

Thanks for catching up with me on this Five for Friday! Go check out what everyone else is up to this Friday at Doodle Bugs Teaching

Monday, March 18, 2013

Be There or Be Square - Geometry Unit

Last week on Made It Monday, I mentioned a geometry unit 
that I was working on - well, it is finished!

I added so much to this unit! I am so excited about it! I did not even get to everything this year because I added things to it that I wished I had when I taught the unit. I will use those activities for review in the next few weeks. This is a 53 page unit FULL of geometry! 2D and 3D shapes!

Included in this unit:
project ideas
2D shapes task cards (area, perimeter, symmetry, rotation, reflection, etc.)
2D shapes study guide
2D shapes test
2D shapes note taking tips
2D shapes classifying class work or center assignment
3D space figure cards
3D space figures "I have, Who has?"
3D space figures class work
3D space figures volume work
3D space figures study guide
3D space figures test

Click HERE to get this unit for your classroom!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy!!
I don't know about you but the countdown begins today - 10 days until Spring Break!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Freebie!

Happy weekend! Two weeks until Spring Break for me! 
I am SO ready for it, as I am sure you all are also ready!

I am wrapping up my year of new topics with my students this week. 
We are going to start reviewing the year pretty soon, so I am creating little things here and there that will help my students review our topics from throughout the year. 

I am going to bring out my decimal cards again for review of comparing decimals with greater than, less than, and/or equal to from my pack on Comparing Decimals. The kids had a lot of fun with this when we did it during the year, so I think they will be excited to try it again!

New freebie!! Yay! I created a quick Spring Shopping Spree assignment that can be used as a center, in a small group, as a homework, or a class work! However you plan to use it, the kids will love that it is Spring-related! We all are loving that Spring is in the air!

The students will use two given charts full of items and their prices 
in order to compute decimal addition or subtracting problems. 

Click HERE or on the pictures above 
to download this free item!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Five for Friday...and Pi Day!

"This is how we do it...It's Friday night.."
Love my favorite Friday song! I play it over and over each week!
You should try it! It just brightens my day
...but I might be the only one who loves old school songs?

I am linking up, along with many others, to share my Five for Friday!

1. My week started off great because I bought new markers! Ah! How much do you just love this marker pack!? I am obsessed with it every time I am at Target...and this time, I gave in to my temptation! I am literally obsessed with them and now I use them for everything! My favorite one? That light purple/lavender one in the front! 

2. We are wrapping up our geometry unit! This is the huge wall I have outside of my classroom. It is usually a little bit difficult to fill it, but this week, we had no problem!! The black headings was the week we spent on our 2D shapes, and the orange are the headings for this week - the 3D shapes! The work is almost done and I can't wait to hang it so the board can be b-e-a-utiful! The kids have done such wonderful work! I might have to say that geometry could possibly be my favorite unit!

3. Pi Day!! Who celebrated? I was so excited to receive this pie from a student on Pi Day! (It was delicious, by the way!) I just love surprises from students! Especially math-related surprises! The nerd in me was so excited that someone else was celebrating Pi Day, like me :) You must is a good-looking pie! I had to deal with smelling it all day while it sat on my desk... torture!

 4. A student drew me the greatest picture EVER! I am going to save this one forever and ever! The rows of students, the thought bubbles of math terms....AND then there is me...the Queen :) Just like it should be! Haha!! I died laughing when I received this wonderful drawing. He is such a great artist and the humor is great! I was more happy about this picture than I was about the fact that it is Friday!! Definitely a keeper! I just had to share! 
It does sort of make me wonder if he thinks I would really say that...
...but I do think I need to get a chair like that

5. Last...Saving the BEST for last...I am officially going to see Taylor Swift next weekend!!! Ah!! I know not all of you are fans...but I totalllllly AM! I cannot wait to go to that concert! Uhh! So excited!! I just love love love this album! I cannot wait to hear all of those songs at the concert! 

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Made It Monday!

Linking up for Made It Monday over at Fourth Grade Frolics!

Last night I finally created a binder that I have been 
telling myself to make for weeks now...
A household organizer!

Yay! Look how cute we are on the cover! 
Nothing would be great in the world of binders if there 
wasn't a spine label, too....of course

I really, really needed to get organized! I am totally Type A when it comes to things I like...crafting, school work, my closet, the kitchen... but then there are things I don't like... taxes, saving receipts, insurance information... ew! I needed to make something to organize all of these things in a way that I like to organize... a binder!

The cover :) My favorite! Me and Will on the cover!

Ew! Hate this section! But...I guess it's necessary ;)
Another example below of a different section, the car and auto section!

Something else I am making...but not quite finished with yet...
My next unit! A long one this time!!
Should be done very soon!!!

Thank you to Fourth Grade Frolics for doing this great Linky! 
I love Made It Monday! 
Go check out her blog and find out what other 
people made for Made It Monday!! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

March Currently!

Ah! I am a few days late!

February really does go by quickly! 

I had the best time with my mom and sister! 
Thanks to all of you who entered the giveaway last week!
Time to link up with Farley at Oh Boy, Fourth Grade!

So...getting down to it since I am already late enough... :)

SO I just love love love Ellen...I am so glad that the "search" for her men's underwear model is up though because I sometimes watch Ellen while I am at the gym (if I can get there on time!)...and running on the treadmill while watching men walk around on Ellen in their underwear just was NOT socially acceptable...I don't think... haha! It felt really awkward to run while watching that...and knowing that people behind me were probably wondering, "what in the world is that strange girl watching??!!"

I am SO excited about my new dining room furniture! We had the dining room table for a while now, and I just could not wait until the room was complete! The back wall was so bare...and now...

My mom was here this weekend, as most of you know, and she did what the BEST moms do...cooked a LOT and stocked my fridge and freezer!!! Woo Hoo!! We have chili, chicken salad, Irish soda bread, sausage, meatballs, AND macaroni and cheese!! Not just one of each, either...but MULTIPLE containers full of these things!!! YES! It is so great to come home to a defrosted meal that makes me feel like mom cooked for me each night! Chili was tonight's option, because it is so "CHILLY" outside, and it was aaaaamazing! However...I did not stop myself when I was full..I just kept eating! Ugh! But so so so tasty!

7 minutes and counting to the Bachelor: Women Tell All !! I am so excited! 
Oh gosh...what are they going to say about Tierra....or AshLee...AH! I cannot wait! :) 
I love this nonsense!

So my name is follow the rules my like, love, hate had to start with B's!
I LIKE Big Bang Theory...
I LOVE blouses! 
Lastly...I HATE BUGS!!! Sick! Awful! Gross! No way! Get away!

Something I SOO wanted to add into "I LOVE" is my 2 month old niece, Savanna! I miss her so so so much!! She is the cutest, most perfect little thing EVER! Obsessed! I cannot wait until Spring Break so that I can go see her!