Monday, March 18, 2013

Be There or Be Square - Geometry Unit

Last week on Made It Monday, I mentioned a geometry unit 
that I was working on - well, it is finished!

I added so much to this unit! I am so excited about it! I did not even get to everything this year because I added things to it that I wished I had when I taught the unit. I will use those activities for review in the next few weeks. This is a 53 page unit FULL of geometry! 2D and 3D shapes!

Included in this unit:
project ideas
2D shapes task cards (area, perimeter, symmetry, rotation, reflection, etc.)
2D shapes study guide
2D shapes test
2D shapes note taking tips
2D shapes classifying class work or center assignment
3D space figure cards
3D space figures "I have, Who has?"
3D space figures class work
3D space figures volume work
3D space figures study guide
3D space figures test

Click HERE to get this unit for your classroom!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy!!
I don't know about you but the countdown begins today - 10 days until Spring Break!

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