Friday, March 15, 2013

Five for Friday...and Pi Day!

"This is how we do it...It's Friday night.."
Love my favorite Friday song! I play it over and over each week!
You should try it! It just brightens my day
...but I might be the only one who loves old school songs?

I am linking up, along with many others, to share my Five for Friday!

1. My week started off great because I bought new markers! Ah! How much do you just love this marker pack!? I am obsessed with it every time I am at Target...and this time, I gave in to my temptation! I am literally obsessed with them and now I use them for everything! My favorite one? That light purple/lavender one in the front! 

2. We are wrapping up our geometry unit! This is the huge wall I have outside of my classroom. It is usually a little bit difficult to fill it, but this week, we had no problem!! The black headings was the week we spent on our 2D shapes, and the orange are the headings for this week - the 3D shapes! The work is almost done and I can't wait to hang it so the board can be b-e-a-utiful! The kids have done such wonderful work! I might have to say that geometry could possibly be my favorite unit!

3. Pi Day!! Who celebrated? I was so excited to receive this pie from a student on Pi Day! (It was delicious, by the way!) I just love surprises from students! Especially math-related surprises! The nerd in me was so excited that someone else was celebrating Pi Day, like me :) You must is a good-looking pie! I had to deal with smelling it all day while it sat on my desk... torture!

 4. A student drew me the greatest picture EVER! I am going to save this one forever and ever! The rows of students, the thought bubbles of math terms....AND then there is me...the Queen :) Just like it should be! Haha!! I died laughing when I received this wonderful drawing. He is such a great artist and the humor is great! I was more happy about this picture than I was about the fact that it is Friday!! Definitely a keeper! I just had to share! 
It does sort of make me wonder if he thinks I would really say that...
...but I do think I need to get a chair like that

5. Last...Saving the BEST for last...I am officially going to see Taylor Swift next weekend!!! Ah!! I know not all of you are fans...but I totalllllly AM! I cannot wait to go to that concert! Uhh! So excited!! I just love love love this album! I cannot wait to hear all of those songs at the concert! 

Thanks for joining the party! Head on over to Doodle Bugs to see what everyone else is up to!


  1. Lucky you! I love Taylor Swift! Red is such a great album :)

    Miss Elementary

  2. You must be in marker heaven! I just love all those fun colors!

    That picture of you is priceless! I'd save it forever too!

    You are going to have so much fun at Taylor's concert! I have gone to her past 2 and I am going again this summer. I can't wait to hear all about it! You have to share after you go!