Monday, March 4, 2013

March Currently!

Ah! I am a few days late!

February really does go by quickly! 

I had the best time with my mom and sister! 
Thanks to all of you who entered the giveaway last week!
Time to link up with Farley at Oh Boy, Fourth Grade!

So...getting down to it since I am already late enough... :)

SO I just love love love Ellen...I am so glad that the "search" for her men's underwear model is up though because I sometimes watch Ellen while I am at the gym (if I can get there on time!)...and running on the treadmill while watching men walk around on Ellen in their underwear just was NOT socially acceptable...I don't think... haha! It felt really awkward to run while watching that...and knowing that people behind me were probably wondering, "what in the world is that strange girl watching??!!"

I am SO excited about my new dining room furniture! We had the dining room table for a while now, and I just could not wait until the room was complete! The back wall was so bare...and now...

My mom was here this weekend, as most of you know, and she did what the BEST moms do...cooked a LOT and stocked my fridge and freezer!!! Woo Hoo!! We have chili, chicken salad, Irish soda bread, sausage, meatballs, AND macaroni and cheese!! Not just one of each, either...but MULTIPLE containers full of these things!!! YES! It is so great to come home to a defrosted meal that makes me feel like mom cooked for me each night! Chili was tonight's option, because it is so "CHILLY" outside, and it was aaaaamazing! However...I did not stop myself when I was full..I just kept eating! Ugh! But so so so tasty!

7 minutes and counting to the Bachelor: Women Tell All !! I am so excited! 
Oh gosh...what are they going to say about Tierra....or AshLee...AH! I cannot wait! :) 
I love this nonsense!

So my name is follow the rules my like, love, hate had to start with B's!
I LIKE Big Bang Theory...
I LOVE blouses! 
Lastly...I HATE BUGS!!! Sick! Awful! Gross! No way! Get away!

Something I SOO wanted to add into "I LOVE" is my 2 month old niece, Savanna! I miss her so so so much!! She is the cutest, most perfect little thing EVER! Obsessed! I cannot wait until Spring Break so that I can go see her!



  1. I just started watching Big Bang - sooo funny! Your niece is adorable, by the way!
    Teachin' First

  2. I am loving your dining room:) Ellen cracks me up, too! I need to start Tivoing her show because she always puts me in a good mood!

  3. Your dining room is gorgeous! I am jealous. Right now, hubby and I are looking for a new house and are crammed into our tiny little 2 bedroom house with two tiny closets. Yuck! I'm definitely coveting that room right now. :)

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

  4. I thought about you and hoped you were having soooo much fun with your family!

  5. LOVE Big Bang Theory and that dining table! The room is gorgeous! Well done :o)

    Teaching with a Touch of Twang

  6. Your dining room look so good - and makes me super jealous! Our table is so small we have to cram to fit 4 people! Which is why my husband & I usually just eat in front of the TV... ;)

    Your niece is so sweet. That was me last year with my nephew who lives too far away. I'll be going to Chicago for his 1st birthday in May and I can't believe it! Enjoy her as much as you can. Skype is a blessing!!! :)

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  7. I love your dining room! Mine is too cluttered with papers I haven't graded to post : ) I like Big Bang Theory, but haven't watched it in forever. Can't believe I found a 5th grade blog that I wasn't following!

    Hokie Teach