Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break!

I made it! 
I am sure that is what you all are thinking when you finally get to that
break you have been waiting for every day! I love my job!
Don't get me wrong...but man oh man is it great to have a week off of
working! I know my husband is jealous that he does not get this time off!

Spring break also allows me to work on a few things I've been
wanting to put together for you all!
I have my first Spring item ready!!

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I completed this with my students the day before Spring break. It was so much fun! It allowed the students to reinforce their knowledge about factoring and factors, while giving us a great Spring craft to display in the hallway! My students learned about factoring at the very beginning of the year and we are starting review right when we get back from break. This was a great start to review! So many things we do starts with factoring... prime factorization, GCF, simplifying fractions...etc! Factoring is a really important part of math, and the more automatic it becomes, the better it will be for the student. 

I don't know about yours, but my students love a craft! I love it, too! It is relaxing to listen to music while crafting...and doing math at the same time! It also gave me a lot of time to pull students to the small group table. The students worked so independently on this craftivity because there is a sheet typed up with steps on it for them to follow. The did a great job checking the steps after each thing they completed in order to see what they do next!

The first thing you do is print out the number sheet so that the 
students can choose three numbers to factor.
Once they have chosen three, the student fills out the Factor Flowers worksheet. 
This is the sheet that can be taken as assessment by the teacher. It shows the students' work, as well, so it makes a more meaningful hallway display.

Cut out the pieces you need. The number of petals depends on 
how many factors your number has all together!

Create your Factor Flowers! Super cute! The work is glued to a brown 
sheet of construction paper to look like a pot! On the leaves, we wrote how many factors and how many factor pairs each number well as if the number is prime or composite. 
I picked all composite numbers!

The students did such a great job! I let them be creative, too - They got to choose any colors they wanted from the piles I had...some of them even had pink flower stems! Super cute!

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Whether you are back from Spring break, currently on Spring break, 
or waiting for Spring break...I hope you are having a 
marvelous weekend!!! Happy Easter! 


  1. I love this! What a great idea :) so glad to find your blog!
    teach train triumph!

  2. So cute! I just added it to my cart. :)