Sunday, April 28, 2013

Win the Editable Binder & SO MUCH more!

I am taking part in this great giveaway with Krystal and Joey! I totally want to win this!! Here are some of the items you can win (SCROLL DOWN TO ENTER!)

Editable Teacher Binder *** That's mine!
Time Flies - End of Year Literacy Activities
Class Votes Awards Kit
Seasonal Demand Writing Prompt Bundled Set
Traditional lit versus Fractured fairy tale
Combining Like Terms - Quick Review
Alien Text Talk Full Year Daily Language Practice ~ Grammar, Spelling
Measurement Wars Bundle
Fun with Probability
20 Figurative Language Posters
Create a SMART Goal Board

Plus: Choice of any 3 items in the hosts', Krystal and Joey, TPT Stores
$35 Amazon gift card!

Umm..who would not want to win this great list of prizes? 
I mean, really, this is a great giveaway!!

The binder I am giving away is an editable binder, so you can type any information you need into it. You can also adjust charts and tables to make them suit you and your number of students.
This is my favorite way to stay organized and every time I need something quickly for a meeting or conference, I can just grab my binder and know that I have everything I need!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Five for Friday!

Wow! I cannot believe there are only 28 days left of school! What!?
I have had a great week! I hope you have, too!!

This past weekend was my birthday and my best friend and sister came to visit me! It was SO nice to see them and be all together! My best friend was my 'random' roommate in college...didn't I get SO lucky! I am still so glad I met her :) Here we are missing some of our best friends who were not able to come! Sad! Haha!! We had fun hanging out with their photos though ;)

My husband and I got new porch furniture! Orange for our Auburn Tigers!! Yay! We looove this furniture! A great World Market purchase! So glad we found them! I am really enjoying sitting out there!

Speaking of our Auburn Tigers...
Last weekend was the "Last Roll" ...for those of you who are into SEC football, you probably know that us Auburn fans roll the oak trees at Toomer's Corner as tradition when we win sporting events (especially football). Well, a silly 'Bama fan poisoned our trees and thought he would get us down....well, he didn't! There is a reason they call it tradition! It is what we do, and will always be what we do! So this year, at the Spring game, all of the town of Auburn rolled the trees of Toomer's corner for one last time before the dead ones were removed. They will be replacing them and beautifying the corner at the same time :) Hopefully in time for next year's season!?
Here is a few photos I took of our corner when we won the National Championship while I lived in Auburn...Isn't it GREAT!? 
War Eagle!!!

I got my order of VersaTile answer cases in! I love these for centers! I use them in ALL subjects! The cases allow the students to check their work before turning it in. They know that if they open their case and don't have a pattern, then they did something wrong somewhere. It is a great way to get the kids to assess themselves, go over their work, and they loove the tiles!!! They get excited to use VersaTiles! :)
You should really check them out if you have not seem them before!

Last...I am taking part in an AMAZING giveaway over at Lessons from the Middle and Create, Teach, and Share! There are SO many products being given away! This is an end-of-the-year themed giveaway! I will be giving away my Editable Teacher Binder! :) I just looove this product and am already looking forward to setting mine up for next year! I just love to be organized! It is a great way to start the year! Be sure to check it out!!!!! There are TONS of prizes - including a $35 Amazon gift card!!


Go ahead and check out what everyone else is doing this Friday at Doodle Bugs Teaching, it's not hard to stumble upon something great when blog hopping!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Central Tendencies

Phew! This took me longer than I anticipated! I just kept thinking of things to add to the unit! I cannot wait to use this with my students throughout this “test review” time of the year!
And finally...the Central Tendencies Unit!

This pack includes a poster for each of the central tendencies: mean, median, mode, range, and outlier. There is also a worksheet for each of them so that you can make sure the students practice the skill. It is really important to master each of the central tendencies before moving on to the rest of the packet, where they are finding mean, median, mode, range, and outlier for each set of data. That is overwhelming unless they feel comfortable with each individual skill. 

After the students have gotten comfortable with each of the skills separately, you can move on to the fun science-related topics!! There are five different sections in this packet that use a science-related topics (environment, weather, archaeology, outer space, and chemistry). These topics are not used in a ‘teaching science’ kind of way, though. I have used them in a fun and interesting way in order to engage students. For example, in the chemistry unit, the students will be using data from a recipe to answer central tendency questions. The ‘recipes’ are silly - the recipe for a “sneezer” and a “smiler” - and engaging for the students. Each science topic includes an introduction page for the teacher, a large chart (to be used whole-group, at a center, or in small group), a worksheet for assessing the students/practicing, and Common Core discussion questions related to central tendencies. 

The last section in the packet includes data set cards, with worksheets to match, for student practice. There is a set of data cards that will result in decimal answers for the mean, and a set that will result in whole numbers for the mean. You can choose one or the other, or both! 

I also use these data cards after testing when we do a lot of calculator practice work. The students need to prepare for middle school and using a calculator is actually a surprisingly difficult skill. These data cards end up as a great way to reinforce mean and range with calculator practice later in the year!

Click here to take a closer look at this unit

& ... just for fun ... I wanted to share this e-card because it sounds exactly like me:

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Burlap Wreath!!

Okay so this is NOT a typical post! Not a teaching-related material, at all! I am just so excited about it!!! I can't help but share it!

Now...just to warn you all...I am a teacher, not a self-proclaimed crafting professional...BUT, I think my burlap wreath came out pretty good!! I wanted to share with you all how I made it because it was an idea in my head that actually turned out right! That never happens!

You will need a few things first. You can get everything below at Michael's...but I am sure there are other places, too! :) You can also use real flowers if you want to! That could be fun! 

1. Flowers or decor of your choice. It can be little buttons or whatever you choose to decorate your wreath with...this can really change depending on what you want!

 2. Burlap! I went through three of these rolls from Michael's. It will depend on how full you want your wreath to look. I wanted mine to be really full; however, your taste may be different.

3. Pipe cleaners or wiring. I was looking for wiring at Michael's, but was struggling to find a tan color. The lady at the store suggested the tan colored pipe cleaners! She is a genius! :) They worked perfectly. I needed 2 bags of the tan pipe cleaners (the tan was the same color as the burlap). Cut the pipe cleaners into thirds.

4. A green wired wreath shape (found in the wreath section at Michael's) - you will see part of this in a picture below.

My steps :)

Below is what you will get when you are part of the way through. I felt it was easier to explain this to you if I showed you this first - this might be part of my "Begin with the end in mind" trait I have from the Seven Habits ;)

To get started, just attached the end of the burlap to the wiring by slipping a pipe cleaner through the burlap and twisting it behind the wiring (you want to hide the pipe cleaner).

Then you will just continue on by looping the burlap in whatever size loops you like. 
I found this was super easy to do while sitting on the ground. You have so many supplies around you that it is just so easy to just sit on the ground :) Also, burlap sheds a little bit, and I did not want to have to clean that up inside of my house!

Above you can see how the burlap is attached in some spots, then hangs off. You never have to cut the burlap! It just goes on in all one piece :) Great, right!?

Take the burlap in your hand and loop it to the size loop you want. 

Scrunch the burlap together where you will be wrapping the pipe cleaner around it. You are going to push this into the part of the wreath you have already added some burlap. The closer to tie each loop to the others, the more full your wreath will be. They will slide a little once tied, but that is good because then when you are all done, you can adjust the burlap to fill in any spots that don't look as full as others.  Remember to attach/tie to all 4 wires on the wire wreath so that you can a full wreath and don't see the wires. I just went across each row of wires as I went.

Stick the pipe cleaner on from the top, toward the back of the wreath. Put it around a green wire from the wire wreath, so that it has something holding the loop of burlap back to the wreath. Then twist!

 Here is what you will see from the top until to pull the burlap up and "fluff" the wreath. The pipe cleaner will be hidden by the next loop you do, as well.

Last - I wrapped the flowers and burlap and attached them with a pipe cleaner, also. I want to get a little "P" for our last name, or something "AU" for Auburn to put on there next to the flowers, but for now, I think it came out great! :) Another cute idea I have seen is people bought a different color fabric and tied a bow around the their wreath - that look super cute, too! :)

Let me know if you decide to make a burlap wreath! I hope I helped :) Trust me, if I can do it - you can definitely do it! :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

A Great Week!

I hope you all have had an amazing Spring so far! It is still chilly here in Charleston..what is that about!? I am SO over it! I cannot imagine how it is for those of you that are actually in the North...

So I went home to visit my family this past week for my Spring Break. I have three older sisters and they all settled in South Florida, where we grew up. I am the only one still far away :( Sad! It was so nice to get to see them all for this week, though! What is the first thing I got to see when I got to mom's house...
This little CUTIE! My niece, Savanna, is SO perfect! I am so obsessed with her. She will be three months old in a few days and I am crazy in love! I got to spend time babysitting her for two whole days, also! mom, her nana, was the one doing all of the hard stuff...but I got to love on her and play with her so much! Yay! So presh! Miss her so much already!

It was so great to see everyone. Here are our four generations of girls! :) Family is the best! I am so lucky! I had the best week doing this, getting a pedicure, working out, going to Maroon 5, eating out, and hanging out with Savanna! 

I have been working on this unit for a while now! I am working really slowly in order to make sure it is just the way I want it when it is complete. I will be done before next weekend! I am so excited to post about it :) It is my favorite twist of Math and Science :)

I flew back in to Charleston last night...well actually I flew into Myrtle Beach...thank you cheaper flights!...and slept in until 10 AM this morning! Woah! It was so fabulous! This little lady missed me, though, and I missed her! She would not let me sleep last night. She just kept forcing me to pet her! I am not going to lie...I loved every minute of it :) She is my little perfect princess. Oh Turkey...

Catching up on TiVo, anyone? This is the kind of day I need once a week! The day to catch up on all of those silly shoes I tape throughout the week! Something that makes today even better than the usual TiVo day? Easter candy!!!! Let's just say...I am hanging with my "peeps"

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