Friday, April 5, 2013

A Great Week!

I hope you all have had an amazing Spring so far! It is still chilly here in Charleston..what is that about!? I am SO over it! I cannot imagine how it is for those of you that are actually in the North...

So I went home to visit my family this past week for my Spring Break. I have three older sisters and they all settled in South Florida, where we grew up. I am the only one still far away :( Sad! It was so nice to get to see them all for this week, though! What is the first thing I got to see when I got to mom's house...
This little CUTIE! My niece, Savanna, is SO perfect! I am so obsessed with her. She will be three months old in a few days and I am crazy in love! I got to spend time babysitting her for two whole days, also! mom, her nana, was the one doing all of the hard stuff...but I got to love on her and play with her so much! Yay! So presh! Miss her so much already!

It was so great to see everyone. Here are our four generations of girls! :) Family is the best! I am so lucky! I had the best week doing this, getting a pedicure, working out, going to Maroon 5, eating out, and hanging out with Savanna! 

I have been working on this unit for a while now! I am working really slowly in order to make sure it is just the way I want it when it is complete. I will be done before next weekend! I am so excited to post about it :) It is my favorite twist of Math and Science :)

I flew back in to Charleston last night...well actually I flew into Myrtle Beach...thank you cheaper flights!...and slept in until 10 AM this morning! Woah! It was so fabulous! This little lady missed me, though, and I missed her! She would not let me sleep last night. She just kept forcing me to pet her! I am not going to lie...I loved every minute of it :) She is my little perfect princess. Oh Turkey...

Catching up on TiVo, anyone? This is the kind of day I need once a week! The day to catch up on all of those silly shoes I tape throughout the week! Something that makes today even better than the usual TiVo day? Easter candy!!!! Let's just say...I am hanging with my "peeps"

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  1. Looks like you had a great break with your family. Sisters are the best! Your niece is adorable.
    Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  2. Your niece is the cutest little bunny ever! My little one is almost 2 and I forget how quickly it goes :( Love her up!!

    Happy weekend!

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  3. That's my kind of afternoon - TiVo and a bag of candy! Wooohooo! Looks like you had an awesome Spring Break. LOVE that you're so close to your family {not in distance, but in close-ness, ya know?!} Your niece is a doll...and the best part of being an auntie is that we can give them back :)

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