Friday, April 26, 2013

Five for Friday!

Wow! I cannot believe there are only 28 days left of school! What!?
I have had a great week! I hope you have, too!!

This past weekend was my birthday and my best friend and sister came to visit me! It was SO nice to see them and be all together! My best friend was my 'random' roommate in college...didn't I get SO lucky! I am still so glad I met her :) Here we are missing some of our best friends who were not able to come! Sad! Haha!! We had fun hanging out with their photos though ;)

My husband and I got new porch furniture! Orange for our Auburn Tigers!! Yay! We looove this furniture! A great World Market purchase! So glad we found them! I am really enjoying sitting out there!

Speaking of our Auburn Tigers...
Last weekend was the "Last Roll" ...for those of you who are into SEC football, you probably know that us Auburn fans roll the oak trees at Toomer's Corner as tradition when we win sporting events (especially football). Well, a silly 'Bama fan poisoned our trees and thought he would get us down....well, he didn't! There is a reason they call it tradition! It is what we do, and will always be what we do! So this year, at the Spring game, all of the town of Auburn rolled the trees of Toomer's corner for one last time before the dead ones were removed. They will be replacing them and beautifying the corner at the same time :) Hopefully in time for next year's season!?
Here is a few photos I took of our corner when we won the National Championship while I lived in Auburn...Isn't it GREAT!? 
War Eagle!!!

I got my order of VersaTile answer cases in! I love these for centers! I use them in ALL subjects! The cases allow the students to check their work before turning it in. They know that if they open their case and don't have a pattern, then they did something wrong somewhere. It is a great way to get the kids to assess themselves, go over their work, and they loove the tiles!!! They get excited to use VersaTiles! :)
You should really check them out if you have not seem them before!

Last...I am taking part in an AMAZING giveaway over at Lessons from the Middle and Create, Teach, and Share! There are SO many products being given away! This is an end-of-the-year themed giveaway! I will be giving away my Editable Teacher Binder! :) I just looove this product and am already looking forward to setting mine up for next year! I just love to be organized! It is a great way to start the year! Be sure to check it out!!!!! There are TONS of prizes - including a $35 Amazon gift card!!


Go ahead and check out what everyone else is doing this Friday at Doodle Bugs Teaching, it's not hard to stumble upon something great when blog hopping!


  1. Who would kill trees for a silly rivalry? Blah! I'm glad your team didn't let it get them down! Happy belated birthday, Bridget!


    Fun in Room 4B

  2. I am in love with World Market and those chairs look amazing! Thanks so much for sharing pics of your trees-- my husband and I are Big 10 fans, but I love, love, love seeing traditions from other conferences..... although I am blown away someone would poison your trees?! What!? Sigh....

    Happy Spring and have a great last 28 days!

    3rd Grade Thoughts

  3. Hi~YAY!I love finding fifth grade teacher bloggers!
    I'm Brandee, your newest follower. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  4. I love versa tiles! I use them during Language Arts Centers!
    Mrs. Wilson's Class