Wednesday, May 22, 2013

End of the Year Packet

Yay! I have been waiting until I created the final activity with my students before I posted this activity packet! We made our time capsules today, and they came out FAB!

This End of the Year packet contains 5 different activities!
I have used all 5 and my students and I have been having the best time!
My favorite part is...they all remind us that we have had a great year this year! I love hearing what the students say is their favorite part, and reading what they write about their school year.
My favorite activity from the packet is creating our time capsules! So cute and fun!

Materials - a few sheets from the packet, wrapping paper, toilet paper rolls, and ribbon. 
Photos of your students from throughout the year are a great addition!

Students fill out a sheet that asks them questions about things they like and how they imagine themselves when graduating high school ... or where they hope to be in 10 years.

Gather their finished worksheets and anything else you want to put in their time capsule.

Students fold the paper in half once, and then roll up the paper and pictures. They can then place it all inside of the toilet paper tube.

Wrap them up, tie it with a bow, and label it with the year in which they can open it again!
It will be so much fun for them to read about their hopes and dreams, likes and dislikes, from elementary school! I chose to put the year that they will be graduating high school as the year when they can open their capsule!

I think they came out super cute!

The students write about their year, their favorite memories, advice they would give to incoming fourth graders, and a little bit of inside info. about their teacher (me!) in the class brochure we create. The students create these and then I give them out to the incoming fourth graders on "meet the teacher" night! I think the new parents love reading them, too. One of my students wrote, "when she is not having a good day, give her chocolate." I mean, how SWEET is that!?!! I love my students!

There are other activities, too! Students can create a comic strip of their favorite part of the school year. These came out even funnier than I had imagined!! I used a binding and created a book so that my students in future years can take a look at other students' favorite activity comics!

There is also a countdown to summer in the packet! This is a great thing to have on the board at this time of year! It is really great positive reinforcement for students to get 'chosen' to change the number on the board each day! I cut out, laminated, and then glued magnets to the backs of the numbers so that I can easily switch them around on my white board. 

Last, but not least, the all important JOB APPLICATION! Students get to apply for the next grade! I even shared this with the fourth grade teachers at my school so that their students can fill it out and they can give them to us fifth grade teachers ... like a real job!

You can get these activities at my TpT store HERE, or by clicking on any of the images below :)
Thanks for reading! 
Happy End-of-the-Year to you!

Uh oh...a bonus for getting to the bottom of the post!
First 3 to leave their e-mail in a comment below will receive this packet for FREE!! :)


  1. Love the ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yay!
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  3. Love the ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh I was so close!! Haha!! Sounds and looks fab!!


  5. Someone went twice, Kerry, so you made it :) Yay! I will be emailing you three right away! Thanks for reading!


  6. This is adorable! What do you do with the capsules after they're done? You've probably got a lot sitting around! I'd have to lock them up because I know I'd be wanting to break them open! lol! Such a cute pack!

  7. This looks like so much fun! Man, I wanted to be the first 3! :)

  8. I just LOVE your time capsule activities and all your fun end of year items! They are sssoooo beautifully presented and would be so much fun! I wish I had younger students as mine are between 13-17 years and only the 13 year olds (year 8s) would really enjoy it!
    Maybe next year :)

    Liz - BaysideMathTeacher

  9. I purchased your End of the Year packet and cannot wait to use it tomorrow! I already posted about how I intend to use it, but I'll be posting pictures of my students' brochures later this week!

    Thanks for a great product!!

  10. Love your editable binder set! I started using a binder last year to help me be more organized. It sure did help - especially with keeping my lesson plans in one spot. I'd love to win this product! This summer I'm working to sort and clean out in my classroom. I'm planning to make new curtains and am trying to decide what material to use. My table tops are blue, and I'm thinking of using material with a pattern that has blue with other bright colors included. Happy summer!

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