Friday, May 24, 2013


This is my favorite post because it means it is FRIDAY!

Classic joke for you...
What is the hottest day of the week?

Answer: FRYday!
(although, some may say SUNday...haha!)

Last Friday was May Day! 
Such a special day for the fifth graders! I am so proud of all of the fifth grade classes! Our ribbons weaved perfectly and everyone looked so beautiful! We had such perfect weather, too. Congrats to the fifth graders!

Our school always does an auction for Cinco de Mayo. The parents and teachers go, and the items in the auction earn money for our school! It is so great! The fifth grade team of teachers (all girls!) donated a "girls day" of getting our nails done and getting pizza! We organized a day and time, and hung out with the greatest four young ladies for our nail day! Well, I could say I hung out with the greatest 7 ladies because the teachers are awesome, too! We all got our nails done, and a little white flower on our ring finger to match! It was so much fun! I feel like I need to invite my students every time I go get my nails done! Best afternoon ever!
(I'm the peach!)

We made time capsules in class this week! The students had so much fun! You can get this activity in my End of the Year activities packet. The students cannot open their time capsules until they are graduating high school! I hope they hide it somewhere good so it won't tempt them!

Speaking of the End of the Year activities packet...I finally completed it this week and added it to my store! Yay! The students have had so much fun with these activities! I am really excited about how they are all turning out!

Got a really exciting package in the mail today! 
New stackable rings! I was even more excited that I chose hot pink! To be honest, when opening the box I could not remember what color I ended up choosing online...they had so many good choices!
I absolutely love them! So fun for summer :)
(Gotta <3 Nordstrom!!)

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  1. I love the time capsule idea! I'm just starting a new unit with my kids about goals and visions for the future and doing something like this would fit in perfectly! We're not winding down for vacation yet- I'm in New Zealand so we've just started our second term and are heading into winter! Our summer vacation doesn't start until December 19th!

    I'm going to have to hunt down the book Leader in Me that you've mentioned!
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem
    x Serena x

  2. Love those stackable rings!! With your peach nails you will be all set for summer. We're heading into Winter here but I'm staying strong and trying to avoid dull colours for as long as I can. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  3. Found your blog while looking for 7 habits ideas. We too are implementing the 7 habits and I teach in Lexington, SC. Glad I found your blog!