Saturday, June 29, 2013

Currently in July!

Aww man! June is over!?
I hope all of you are having amazing and relaxing summer vacations! Rest, rest, rest! I am linking up with Farley for the Currently Linky Party over at Oh Boy, Fourth Grade! is what I am currently up to for July!

My cat, whom I have frequently blogged about (because she is absolutely perfect), is my little buddy! She is the best when I am just sitting around this summer! She is either on my stomach while I type, or under the covers by my feet :) I looooove her! Her purring is the best! Those of you who have cats know that this sound can be sooo relaxing! It is such a happy noise! I <3 it!
Um...if you have not tried Lululemon yet, and you like to work out, you MUST go! I will admit that it is on the pricey side...for sure! But if you work out often, it is SO amazingly worth it! I am really excited about it! My family is all obsessed with it! You must go! I swear, when working out, fabric makes all the difference! The fabric of these clothes is perfection for working out! If you don't want to spend a lot, I suggest just getting a shirt you like since a top can make more of a difference when working out!

I have been staying up sooo strangely late this summer! I am turning into a party animal! Haha...NOT! I am just laying around watching TV until the wee hours of the night! I have a confession, though...I think I know the real reason I am staying up so late...
This little angel! Cow! 
She lays on my bed with me for a while until I actually decide to go to sleep. We are create training her so she has to go to her crate for bed time; however, I stay up as late as possible just to enjoy our time laying together! She is just so cute!

So that last little thing I want to share...I did not include this sweetheart in my currently list because I think I would have found a way to include her in every section...haha! My niece is here in the mountains! Yay! My sister and her family just got up here today! We met them in Atlanta so that my  niece could meet our grandma, her great grandma! I drove back to the mountains with them and I got to sit next to little Savanna! LOOOOOOVE! <3 <3

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  1. Your niece is such a cutie pie! Aren't nieces the best?! I'm fortunate to be spending three straight weeks with mine. Summer is AWESOME!!!
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First

  2. She is so cute! Thanks for the reminder about resting. I just posted my Currently and talked about needing rest. :)

  3. Oh, my! Your niece is so precious. Your "Needing" and "Tip" go hand in hand, I think. I sometimes spend all day in the house doing blog "stuff" and no time enjoying the outdoors. Thanks for the reminder!

    Aspire to Inspire

  4. WHERE did June go? I spent the first four weeks of my summer working on the curriculum mapping team for my district,which was exhausting but really interesting and kind of fun. I DID find myself unable to get off the couch on Friday after turning the project in Thursday. I definitely agree that we have to refesh over the summer. My plan for next week? Sit around playing on the computer and watching TV. I report back to work for training on the 15Th. Summer is speeding by!

  5. LOVE your Blog!!! I'm a 6th/7th grade ELA teacher who has just begun to blog. Let's connect!

    I still haven't turned my teacher brain off yet, glad I'm not alone!