Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ridiculously Amazing!

I just have to start this post with...
Oh my goodness!!! Ah!

I am so super excited about these two new decorations I got for my classroom the other day! I spent a month in the mountains with my family...unfortunately, I had to leave... We went shopping and found the cutest children's store. I was really only looking for precious toys for my niece; however, I stumbled upon these RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING pieces of artwork for my classroom!

This "Freakishly Talented" board is going to be so fantastic for student work! I will make sure that the expectations are set high in order to get your work put on this board! :) It will be really fun to celebrate the students whose work ends up in one of these five clips!

Because your students will not be able to take their work home to their proud parents if you hang it up on this board, I created a new freebie to share with you all! I will be sending little notes home to students so that they can show their parents how their work is on the "Freakishly Talented" board in the classroom. Click on the image below to download a copy for yourself!


This artwork is also BRILLIANTLY UNIQUE! At first, you read the 7 uplifting phrases...then, you notice that there is a peg to the left of the board that says "Today be"...

I love love love this! I can move the peg next to any of those different phrases so that the students can focus on being talented, unique, awestruck, curious, amazing, happy, quirky, and/or full of possibilities!  I just love the message this sends to the children! Also, these fun words are great to use in their writing! I can't wait to do a Science experiment and move the peg to "curious and awestruck"!

Below, you can see a better picture of the peg, as well as the holes that are there for it to fit into. I can't wait to use this each day!

Below is a photo of the tag you will find on the back of this artwork. Lori Siebert is the amazing artist behind these beautiful and uplifting pieces! Check out her blog! Keep a look out for another post coming soon so I can tell you exactly where to find all of her work! I have been in contact with Ms. Siebert and she is absolutely fantastic!


  1. I am so incredibly jealous of you having this!! I wish I could have it in my class! Will have to get my kids to make one for me maybe? So cool!

    The E-Z Class

  2. How can I get that "Today be..." board? I love it!!

  3. Love your boards-especially the "freakishly talented" one-great idea!
    Newest "blogger" follower!!
    -Lovely Nina

    Lovely Little Learners