Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sale for the Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July! 
To celebrate today, everything in my TpT store is 20% off

Click on the image to head straight to my TpT store!

I love the idea of getting things done for my classroom before August so that I can really enjoy the end of my Summer! I hate that rushed feeling just before the beginning of the school year! Everything in my store is 20% off,  and there are some things that can help you start your school year off on the right foot!

I loooove binders! This cute, chevron binder has a matching grade book and includes so many sections! (sub packet, dividers, parent contact packet, student info, etc!)

 If you're the type that likes to type everything in to your binder, then these two editable ones would be for you! I am going to be using the colorful chevron one on the right for this coming year! One is bright animal prints and the other is rainbow chevron!

Maybe you want to get your students organized? Students love binder organization just like teachers do! The student data binder comes in copy friendly colors, as well as bright colors, all in the same pack! Your little leaders love to be assigned jobs in the classroom, too! This job chart for little leaders is one of my favorite things in my classroom! The kids love to change jobs each week!

 I don't know a teacher who doesn't love to decorate a classroom at the beginning of the year! Below are three of my favorite things for making the classroom bright and fun! The full year calendar was my most useful part of the classroom last year! I can't wait to keep using it year after year! The Science alphabet is a new product this summer! Great for upper elementary grades who want to tie in the vocabulary with your alphabet over your white board! The A to Z banner can be used to create any banner you want! Unlimited opportunities!  

 The last items I want to show you, that can help you get your classroom organized, as well as save you time... Common Core Standards and Essential Questions. I have a few different color options in my store! These are Grade 5 :) 

Thanks for reading! Happy shopping!!! I know there are many stores having sales today! Have fun bopping from store to store! I know I will be doing that throughout the day! I can't wait to see what items I end up with at the end of the day! :) Yay for getting ready for the new school year! 

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