Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Welcome to the 21st Century!

Ah! I have some big news! 
I have finally joined Facebook as Little Lovely Leaders!! 

I will be doing A LOT of Facebook Fan Freebies in these coming days before Back to School! I hope I can help some of you with all of those "little things" we need to do before we start our new year! I would love love love to share these freebies with you, so pleeeease (with a cherry on top) head over over to my facebook page to "like" the page! Once you "like" it, all of those fan freebies, announcements, and giveaways will be so easy for you to read about!


New on my TpT store... for all of my wonderful FOURTH GRADE teacher followers...

Fourth Grade Common Core Math Hot Seats!!

These are so fun! You can use these in a few different ways! My favorite way is the HOT SEAT way! :) Tape these little cards under the students' desks or chairs and when the time is right, tell everyone that some of them are sitting on a 'hot seat'! The students get so excited to check under their desks and see if they are sitting where there is a question! These questions are designed specifically for each standard. This makes great review! You can also use them at a center, in a game, or in a jar so you can randomly ask questions! I just love using these! My sister, at Kindergarten Smiles, sells them for grade K-2, and I have 3-5! (Third is on its way! They will be done by next week! I just miiiight be doing a giveaway for these little guys on my facebook page when they are all done, too! *hint, hint*) 

Click on the grade level for the hot seats you want!
Third - coming soon!

Answer key included!

Last little note...I have also joined up with Bloglovin! Can't wait to start following all of my favorites on there! Gosh, I just love all of this technology! I am so late on the 21st century train.... haha!!

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