Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Off to an Awesome Start!

This year has started with reviewing multiplication and place value!
We started reviewing place value this week and it has been so much fun so far!

I hid all of these little guys around my classroom yesterday! They give the students their clues so that they can 'build a number' on their record sheet. The students had a lot of fun walking around to find the clues! They did a great job with their work! I was super impressed at how quiet they stayed while they walked around, so I promised them many more activities like this! I will share them as I create them, for sure!
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He his hiding!

We started the week off by reviewing word form, standard form, and expanded form. The kids were already pretty great at these! Here is one center we completed in class! The students cut out various rectangles that had the numbers written in one of the three forms. They glued it in the correct column, and then wrote the number in the two other forms. This student did a great job! Before posting this picture, I realized the word "thousand" was not written on the last one, so I went ahead and pointed it out before y'all noticed!! ;) haha!

Today, we talked about comparing decimal numbers. We then ordered them from least to greatest, and greatest to least! This was really fun! I did this activity last year, and some of you may remember my post about it! I loved it so much then, so I did it again today! 
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How it works:
A pair of students starts off with one sheet of decimals. They cut them up and organize them in order from least to greatest. Every 6 students (3 pairs) has a different color paper, with different decimal numbers. Today, the colors were yellow, orange, and pink! Once the pairs of students had their numbers in order, they got with their group of 6 to organize ALL of their numbers into one, large sequence (from least to greatest still). We glued them all together when we were finished! They had a lot of fun working together, and I was able to find those kids that are great team leaders! 
We talked a lot about Habit 6: Synergize! 

On the Science side of things...our Ecosystems are growing!! Yay plants!
Whatever it is called when you don't have a "green thumb"...maybe a "black thumb"....I have that! So, you probably know that I am super relieved to see greenery in these ecosystems! Good job, kids! I give them all of the credit!