Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ho Ho Holidays!

Guyyyssss! I am sooo late sharing my December Math Pack with you! However, if you are in the hunt for a few last minute activities that are educational but FUN...you're in the right place! 

My kids used this pack today in class and we had so much fun! 

Welcome to Dasher's Diner and Frosty's Finds! This diner and toy shop activity is so much fun! My students loved reading the descriptions for all of the holiday-related food items! My kids spent math time today adding and multiplying decimals using the menu and the catalog to "shop" (there are printables that go with this pack, but you can also create your own activities with these items). 

A look at the covers...
(I glued the pages to a file folder, and then laminated them)

and a look inside....

My students worked in pairs to "shop" and "eat" using the item prices found in the menu or catalog. This was such a great way to review their decimal skills without boring them on this last week before holiday break! 

The pair of students below is using the catalog for Frosty's Finds...

...and now they are using the menu for Dasher's Diner!

In this pack, there are also other games like a decimal war game and a "write the room". If you have not heard of "write the room" before, it is probably because it is usually used in lower elementary grades! My sister used write the room activities with her little kinders, and I just HAD to copy because I knew my fifth graders would love an excuse to be out of their seat! 

In "write the room", students have a printable worksheet that displays different images (or other visuals), along with an answer space next to that image. They then walk around the room to find the "clues". The clues have the matching visual/image on them. When a student finds a clue, they answer the question on their paper next to the matching image. When they are done, they find a seat! I usually have something on the board for my students to do when they are done. During "write the room", some students complete their work more quickly than others. I also love to use "write the room" at a center! Then the kids at the center go back to their table when they finish and compare answers. If they disagree, they need to figure out where their mistakes are in their work (with the help of their team!).

Below you will see the write the room cards that come with the Christmas pack, and the record sheet the kids use when they walk around and show their work.

Found a clue! Working hard! 

Just a few more photos of what comes in the pack!
Happy Holidays!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's October Already!

Woah! It is already October...I can't handle time flying at this pace! I know..."Time flies when you're having fun..." but I don't even have time to have fun! 

All has caught up with me this week, though. I am home sick after trying to fight it for the week. I just kept getting worse, so now I am home to battle it with full force...and my nightstand full of items from the pharmacy! 

I was so happy to see on instagram that it is Currently time over at Oh Boy, 4th Grade! I just LOVE Farley's monthly linky, and I have been missing out on it for months! I kept finding it a few days late! I am home today, and I am ready to link up! A little late....but not so bad! haha!

My main tradition when I am sick is to watch my Friends DVDs! I have been sick since last Thursday, so...I am on Season 6! If you are a Friends lover...than you know "The One with Rachel's Sister" - that is what is on my TV right now! I just love it! Friends makes everything better! I feel like everyone has that "show" that can help them feel better when they are stuck in bed! 

The cough has been the worst part, so I have re-introduced myself to Ramen Noodles! I forgot how much I love them! I feel like I know they aren't the best option...but you can buy 6 in one pack! Hahaha! I mean, what's better than that!?

IDEAS needed!
I need some ideas from you all! My students have learned division with one digit divisors, and then partial quotients with two digit divisors. Next week we continue with division and I need some activities! I want to make this a little bit more fun for them! We will be working on division in word problems, and they will get to choose the method in which they want to solve it. Whichever works best for them! Any ideas? You can feel free to leave a link to an item of your own, or a blog post of yours, below if you have an idea I can use! Yay!

This weekend I will be out of town (I know...I neeeeeed to feel better ASAP!) so I am going to celebrate that FACT that I WILL be getting better tooodayyyy by putting all math items from my store on sale through this weekend! Yay!!! 

Click the image below to head to my store and find an item ON SALE that can work for your class! Yay! 

Be sure to read other bloggers' currently link ups by heading over to Farley's blog and checking out who else has joined! There are plenty more TRICKS and TREATS waiting for you!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Reading Corner with a "Worldly" Flair!

I love having a reading corner in my classroom. The students love to lay/sit in there when they write, edit, read, and do partner work. I actually wish my whole classroom could be this comfy! I get my best work done when I am laying on my couch...so I bet my students would get great work done if they were comfortable!

My reading corner, of course, HAS to match my classroom theme of pink, navy, and teal. However, I wanted there to be a 'worldly' flair to it because I find geography SO important. Fifth graders don't have a very good grasp on our "world" unless they have traveled with their families. I am super excited about the new items I got from Oriental Trading this Summer because I feel like they really helped me add geography to my reading corner! 

The students favorite part about the reading corner is the globe! I have more than just one, in fact, each student has one! They are inexpensive and accurate! I feel like other globes I have found that are inexpensive do not have the most accurate-looking continents, or they are not labels. These globes have so many countries and continents labeled, as well as the lines of longitude and latitude. The kids love to sit in the reading corner in the morning and afternoon when we have a few minutes of free time and look at the globe. They like to name countries and challenge their friends to "find it". Little do they know...they are learning! 

I happen to LOVE the pillows they sell at Oriental Trading. They have SO many colors and sizes. These pillows are also SUPER durable! I always have pillows that rip...and I don't know how to sew! In the past, I have sent pillows home with students and their moms have offered to sew them for me! Haha! Now, I don't have to do that! These pillows are so durable and super soft! The stuffing also keeps its shape so well... the photo above was taken after 5 weeks of school! 

The pencils I keep in my classroom are also "worldly" !! They have the many flags from around the world on them. The kids love to search around and figure out which flags they know and which they don't. When they don't know a flag, they have to research it! :) They are so curious! 

I love the items I received from Oriental Trading, and I am going to keep going back to their store for more! The kids have taken to their items even more than I had hoped! I actually see them improving their knowledge on the countries and continents they find on the globe! It is really helping them understand the "idea" of the shape and size of our world, as well as the location of many continents. They are not as abstract of thoughts anymore...the kids "get it" now! :) 

“This review is based strictly on my opinion. Others may have a different opinion or experience with the product listed above. I was provided the sample free of charge by the company or PR agency and I provided my honest opinion. No other type of compensation was received for this review.”

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Classroom Decor ... Finished!

Eeeeeks! I am soooo excited to say that my classroom decorating week is complete! Sooo, many of you know that I used to have a "rainbow" themed classroom. I moved to Florida in January and decided that NOW would be a good time to change my classroom color scheme...since I was having to redecorate all over again anyway! 
Well..I thought it was a good idea....but then I had to recreate everythinggggg 

Here is our BEFORE picture...

I created many of the classroom decor packs that I sell online (or give as freebies!) in my new color scheme. They are available in my TpT store. I will link to pretty much everything from this blog post, though, to make it easier for you to find :) 

I got to creating my white board calendar! I love this part of my classroom! This calendar keeps my whole class organized! I cut and laminated them, and then turned each piece into a magnet by hot gluing the adhesive magnetic stripping to each one. (I know...it is already adhesive...but it does not stick very well to the lamination).

Then I did the same thing with my white board headings!

I used my bulletin board letters for all of my bulletin board titles. The one you see below is outside of my classroom, right by my door!

I added this Welcome Banner to this bulletin board after I took this picture (oops!) and I will leave it up until I get a set of work to display outside of my room :)

When you walk into my classroom and turn left, this is what you see! This area with the two large tables will be my laptop area for the kids. We each have 6 laptops for the students' use! I will display student work and projects on the board above it! By my Promethean board you can see my "Raise a Number" classroom management freebie!

Towards the back you can see my desk area, even though it is far away in this picture!

This view is still from the doorway, but to the right side of the room. You can see my reading corner to the back, and my whiteboard to the right.

Above the white board is my Math Alphabet Posters freebie!
To the left, on the white board, you see my full year calendar
On the rest of the white board you see my headings (also a freebie!)
I really only use the white board for the students homework and my calendar. I use the Promethean board for everything else, so that is why my desks are facing more towards that side of the room!

In the reading corner is where I keep my supplies. I like to have these here because while we are doing work which requires these supplies, there will not be any students in the reading corner - so no one will be bothered :)
The little labels in the front of each supply basket are available free on my facebook page! Look for the "fan freebie"! You will need to "like" my facebook page in order to download it ;) 

The close up of the "Raise a Number" freebie for classroom management! The kids refer to this a lot during the beginning of the year, but then they get used to it. I love it because I can be teaching or back with a small group, and the kids can raise the number. This allows me to see what they need without being interrupted. It is great for me and hopefully can be great for you, too!

My fabulous web chairs and the pink baskets are from Target, the pillows and globe are from Oriental Trading (more about that on my next post!), and the rug is from Ikea!

These are the desk name tags I am going to use this year! I am super excited to get these on the desks. I use contact paper to basically "laminate" them to the desk. It works great and always lasts all year for me! I have never had a problem with students 'picking' at the contact paper. If I feel like I might have a problem with that, I could do something like offering prizes to students whose name tags make it all year!

I used ribbon above my desk to hang pictures of past students and past classes. I love the personal touch to my desk area. It also gives my new students the idea to give me one of their school pictures ;) which I LOVE! :)
You can also see my favorite part of my desk.... my Teacher's Life Binder! ...totally organized!

My sister made this canvas...can you believe it!? My sister!!! Isn't she amazing!? She has an aahhhmazing blog for new mommies out there, but she also has an Etsy shop! I just love love love how I could personalize this with my favorite quote. It think it's super cute next to my pencil sharpener and pencil cup :) These pencils with flags from around the world are from Oriental Trading!

I created this little desk accessory to match my Teacher's Life Binder! You can download this for free HERE in my TpT store :)

I always love to have this next to my door (inside the classroom; on the way out). It really helps me at the end of the day. Students are constantly changing the way in which they go home, and I always worry that one of them will forget they switched their routine...and consequently go home the wrong way! AH! We cannot have that happen! This is also a great help for substitutes. I use clothespins with the students' names to show how they are going home - this way, it can be easily changed if they change their transportation method one day.
I do not have my "how do we get home" chart available on TpT, but my OTHER awesome sister does! Caitlin, from Kindergarten Smiles, has an amazing set! She even has it offered in a few colors!

Most of you know that I love to base my practices on the Seven Habits, Leader In Me, idea. These classroom jobs are specifically designed for a classroom full of little leaders, just like yours! These jobs have real life titles and the description of the job is on the card. I use clothespins with the student's name to show who has which job.
The baskets below the jobs will house "turned in" work in the future :) when my little lovelies come to class.

This board will be FULL of awesome classwork soon! I use wrapping paper from Target as the backing of this board. The bulletin board letters are the same ones I used outside my classroom door in an earlier picture!

The "pom pom" jar! If you have been reading my blog in the past, then you may remember the pom pom jar! This is a classroom management tool I use for class participation and group work, mainly. Each group (row) has a clear jar on their team captain's desk. As students participate or work well in a group, I will hand out pom poms. They can also be removed from the jar ;)
The group at the end of the week that has the most pom poms will receive a prize (usually a brand new pencil, erasers, etc.) My students switch classes, so there is a "catch"... the students from the other class that come in are also eligible for prizes...but this means that they can also lose pom poms for their peers who sit at that row in my homeroom. AH! Talk about pressure ;) haha! It has always worked well for me in class, and its super fun to see how excited they get about pom poms! Especially when I throw them at their group ;)

(You can see the pom pom jars below)

Thanks for touring!!! If you missed a link, find ALL links to products you have seen in my classroom below! I hope you are having fun decorating your class! If you happen to use anything from my classroom in your classroom, too, I would love to see a photo! I love to show photos of how other teachers use Little Lovely Leaders' products in their class!

Welcome Banner (available free in rainbow)
Class Jobs (also available in rainbow colors)
Teacher's Life Binder: Fresh Blooms (also available in Preppy and Out & About designs)
Raise A Number Chart (also available in rainbow)
Labels for bins (handwritten) = go "like" my Facebook page to download this labels freebie!
Full Year Calendar display (also available in rainbow)
Math Alphabet Posters  (also available in rainbow or for the primary grades)

Happy new school year!!! Leave a link in the comments if you want to share your classroom reveal blog post, too!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Different Teacher Binders

I have had many questions lately regarding my different Teacher Binders. Since I do not have a FAQ area on my site, I decided that I should do a blog post about the different binders, and what they include. I think this will definitely clear up some of the likes and differences between the two types of binders you can purchase from my store.

The two choices you will see explained in detail below are: 

The digital (print it yourself & includes less sheets) binder

The Teacher's Life Binder
(all-inclusive, 463 pages, everything you need all in one, & already printed for you)

First Binder: 
The digital binder
These binders are purchased at my Teachers Pay Teachers store and are downloaded digitally. You are then responsible for printing, hole punching, and binding them. They are much lower in cost, but definitely do NOT include everything that the second type of binder includes. They are great for organization. These will help you divide your binders into sections that are more meaningful for you, as a teacher. They will help keep all of your work and paperwork organized...and in one, safe place! There are not sections in this binder for organizing your personal/home life - you will find those in the second binder option. There are sections for your students, parents, classroom, data, substitute, etc. 

Included in these binders:

-Cover sheets for the different binder sections (Teacher Binder, Student Information Binder, Parent Contact Binder, etc.)

-Dividers for your binder: (print only what you need)
1. Grade book and Evaluations
2. Sub Information
-Student roster
-Good/Bad behavior sheet
-'Great teacher helpers' record sheet for the sub to fill out
-Safety procedures
-'How We Get Home' sheet
-Teacher notes sheet
-Sub notes sheet
-Letter from the teacher
3. Student information
-Including 4 different forms you can choose from for organizing student information (grades, addresses, contact info, assessment scores, emergency info., etc.)
-Birthdays organizer
4. Parent Contact
-Basic sheet with student name, parent name, method of contact, and reasons for contact
-Form you can fill out before parents arrive with topics to discuss (work ethic, behavior, 7 habits, etc.) *Another form included without the 7 habits because some schools do not use those 
5. Curriculum Calendar (13 months of calendar pages for 2014-15
6. Student Data
7. Content Weights
8. IEPs
9. 504 plans (written "five-oh-four plans" because there are not # clip arts to match the font I have used on this binder set)
10. Lesson plans 
-along with a simple lesson plan template
11. Meeting notes
- 3 choices of forms you can use to organize your meeting notes
12. Standards
13. Pacing Guide
14. Gradebook
15. Social Studies
16. Math
17. ELA
18. Data
19. Inquiry
20. Science
21. Writing
22. Evaluations
23. ELL
24. Benchmarks
25. AR
26. Reading counts
27. Math Fact Fluency
29. School Improvement Plan
30. Curriculum
31. Common Core
32. "Belongs to: _________" for you to put in the back of your binder
33. Spine labels for EVERY single DIVIDER and COVER page you have here (except for a couple that I assume will never have their own binder)
34. At the end of your document, there are blank templates for dividers and spine labels so you can write in anything else that you need :)

Some people make this an all-in-one large binder, and other people make this into sooo many different binders to keep all of their subjects/topics organized! You can make this your own in so many different ways!

Digital binders (different designs) offered: 

 The Yearly Binder for Organization in Chevron and in Less Color

The Yearly Binder for Organization in EDITABLE - Bright Animal Print and Rainbow Chevron
What is great about the editable binders is that you can type into them, as well as create any pages you need that aren't already included (you can type into the blank pages given so that any pages you create will match the rest of your binder)

Second Binder:
The Teacher's Life Binder
The Teacher's Life Binder can be purchased two ways: at my TpT store OR at my personal store. This binder is my personal favorite, and has been my "baby" for the past 2 years in which I have been working to perfect it. I am so glad it is finally ready to be shared with all of you! This binder is 463 pages in length, and is already designed and printed for you in full. There are enough copies for you to use them for your class, and for a full year of plans. There are also sections for your personal life. This being a MAJOR difference from the binders you saw above. In this binder, there are sections for you classroom, your substitute, your home, your taxes/bills, and your other business (like being a teacher-blogger!) Read below for more detailed information.

Included in this binder:
-Cover pages (not hole punched) to slide into your binder cover view

-Contact you information – so your beautiful binder can be returned if lost!

-Quote pages throughout the binder help divide up the different sections – with the quote conveniently tying in with the section idea!

-Classroom contact information and volunteers

-Important classroom dates and birthdays to remember

-Password keeper for school websites

-Calendar and meetings:

-Calendar for months July through the following June (with notes pages in between each month for your personal notes or meeting notes in that month)

-Meeting notes pages (11)

-Plans section divider (quote)

-Pacing guide

-41 weeks of blank plans to write in your plans (5 subject for 5 days a week – along with sections for meetings, duties, and goals of each week)

-Student section divider (quote)

-Student information sheets (30) for contact information and home communication information

-A “quick look” sheet for accommodations to make in the classroom (2)

-Students of the Month tracker

-Seating arrangement pages (2)

-Attendance charts (enough for 180 days)

-Grade book charts (18 charts)

-”While you were out” missed work log (4 pages)

-Student data divider

-Student education plans divider

-Parent contact section divider (quote)

-Parent contact information sheets (4)

-Log for parent communication (4)

-Checklist to log “happy notes” you send home to parents in regards to students

-Parent/Teacher conference forms to fill out while you are conferencing

-Substitute binder divider

-Substitute binder divider and section with information such as: welcome note, schedule, roster, important information, emergency procedures, and a page for your sub to tell you how his/her day was in your classroom (3x each of these for 3 days of absence and allows for your schedule and information to change)

-Home-related section divider

-”To do” lists (5 pages)

-Cleaning: day/task log

-Groceries list (4 pages)

-Important contacts (3 pages)

-Address book (5 pages)

-Recipes (enough for 10 recipes)

-Teacher-preneur section divider

-Plans for the year

-Product Ideas

-Products for sale


-Clip art and font information

-Blog post ideas

-Giveaways (of your own products, as well as of other’s products)



-Money/Bills/Tax related sections divider (quote)

-Keep track of your bills, budget, taxes, business travels, and expenses

Also includes a back cover and binder spine labels for your Teacher’s Life Binder

*Allow 2 – 3 weeks for shipping (you will receive a confirmation of payment e-mail, as well as an e-mail to tell you that your order has shipped)

*Feel free to contact me with any questions

This binder is not editable; in other words, you will not be able to edit it or type into it. The hard cover binder does not come with the product – You will receive the 463 pages (each of which is already hole punched in the standard three-ring style) and a personal “thank you” card from myself!

Teacher's Life Binder (different designs) offered:

The Teacher's Life Binder in the "Out & About" design
On my personal store click HERE
On TpT click HERE

The Teacher's Life Binder in the "Preppy Apple & Bow Ties" design
On my personal store HERE
On my TpT store HERE

 Feel free to comment if you have any other questions about these two types of binders, or questions about any of the binders in the subsections! Leave a comment below, with a return e-mail, or just e-mail me directly at bridget.pearsall@gmail.com

Thanks everyone!