Saturday, January 25, 2014

Updated Fan Freebie

After listening to what other teachers say they feel like they are missing in their classroom organization system, I have created a new FACEBOOK FAN FREEBIE!

This system will help you keep track of all of the centers you have available in your classroom - whether they are games, flash cards, word work, etc. 

I have always felt like I create these awesome centers one year, and then the next year during that same unit I forget that I have that created...sitting and waiting...nice and neat... in my classroom CLOSET!

That is NOT where it belongs! 

I decided that I need to have a LIST. I mean...I already have a list for everything else...what's one more? This list will keep my centers and games in order by standard. I sit down and plan for the week, look right to the standard I am teaching, and BAM! There are all of the centers I have to reinforce that standard! I just love a reference sheet!

These lists are done on PowerPoint slides, so the charts are completely editable. You can type straight into them. That is probably what I will do...rather than write them like I started to... because as time goes by I may create more centers and want to add them in by the correct standard. 

How do you download this freebie?

If you are not already a Facebook fan of Little Lovely Leaders, you will need to "like" the page before you can download this organization system!
Happy Organizing!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Taking Requests

January is FLYING by so quickly! I can't even handle it! 
So, I have to start with a huge apology...

I have not updated my Facebook Fan Freebie in SOOOO long, it is ridiculous! I can't believe how long I have had that on the back burner! How dare I do that to you all!?

Anyhow...updating it this week and I want to hear your thoughts.

What is it that you feel like you NEED, but cannot find it anywhere!? I would love to create this item for you as a "Thank You" for being a fan/reader of Little Lovely Leaders!

In order to request something, head over to my Facebook page and comment on the recent thread about my fan freebies. DONT FORGET to "Like" the page so that you will be able to download the new freebie once it is created!

So...I am asking you...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Updated Freebies

Hey guys! How is your Saturday? For most, it is the first weekend off since the holiday break! I hope you are using it to rest rest rest! It is quite a while until Spring break! Ah!

I have finally made updates to ALL of my Seven Habits FREEBIES!
My school has not started using this habit yet; however, there is now an 8th habit!

Find your Voice

This habit is great for kids because they will understand how important their thoughts and opinions are to the world. They will understand that what they say should matter to others, and that even if you disagree, you need to see others' perspectives - because their voice matters, too. Class participation is not the only time their voice should be heard, but also on the playground, when synergizing, and when adding ideas to someone else's thoughts. They will also need to grasp that their ideas should not be vocalized ALL of the time, but only at the right/appropriate time.

I feel like we, as teachers, already try to teach this to our students with our everyday lessons and use of manners; however, now you can enforce them in your classroom with the same freebies I have shared all along - NEW and IMPROVED :)

The following products have been updated with Habit 8: Find your Voice

(Click on the image to download these items for free)

**Wanted to leave this post here for all of you so that I could continue to share the ideas; however, the company is no longer allowing teachers to create these materials. I hate that I cannot share these with everyone. I am so sorry and wish there was a something else I could do - hopefully the ideas are helpful anyway!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Pinterest ideas at work!

I am alllllwayyyss looking at things on Pinterest. I spend 98% of my time on Pinterest looking at fashion...getting ideas for my outfit for tomorrow...wondering what in my closet can be assembled to look JUST like that model? Haha! However, I ran into an idea to send someone a "Box of Sunshine" and decided I could totally personalize this and do it on my own! I love this idea! 

I am lucky enough to have not ONE, but TWO, best friends! These girls are simply the best! One of them is getting married soon, and her color is PINK! I decided that, since she lives in Florida, she did not need a box of sunshine....but she needed a box to celebrate her upcoming wedding! 

I went to a few different stores and collected fun-sized and travel-sized goodies that were the right color for this gift box.... PINK! I just feel like this is so much fun! It was so fun purchasing these silly little items...and what a fun surprise to get in the mail!?!! Unexpected packages of things you don't really need, but could totally use, can be so much fun! Haha!!

Below is the box once I assembled everything. I placed the little card on the top of it, so that it is the first thing she sees when she opens it! 

Now...for my best friend that....sooo unfortunately...lives in the FREEZING COLD of Chicago! Now...she NEEEEEDSSS a box of SUNSHINE! For sure!

Lemonheads are totally one of my fave I was a little jealous of this box...

and the box is ready...

These cute little things are ready to be mailed!

So my bests received these little guys today and I was soooo excited when they told me they got them and loved them! It is so fun to surprise people with presents! Everyone... especially those stressed with wedding plans...or freezing their tootsies off in Chicago... needs a gift once in a while to say, "Even though we are far apart, I am thinking about you and love you!" 

Click HERE to download the little cards I created for my two boxes!

You can totally make these boxes with any color in mind! Maybe someone you love needs a red-themed box for Valentine's Day!?