Friday, January 10, 2014

Pinterest ideas at work!

I am alllllwayyyss looking at things on Pinterest. I spend 98% of my time on Pinterest looking at fashion...getting ideas for my outfit for tomorrow...wondering what in my closet can be assembled to look JUST like that model? Haha! However, I ran into an idea to send someone a "Box of Sunshine" and decided I could totally personalize this and do it on my own! I love this idea! 

I am lucky enough to have not ONE, but TWO, best friends! These girls are simply the best! One of them is getting married soon, and her color is PINK! I decided that, since she lives in Florida, she did not need a box of sunshine....but she needed a box to celebrate her upcoming wedding! 

I went to a few different stores and collected fun-sized and travel-sized goodies that were the right color for this gift box.... PINK! I just feel like this is so much fun! It was so fun purchasing these silly little items...and what a fun surprise to get in the mail!?!! Unexpected packages of things you don't really need, but could totally use, can be so much fun! Haha!!

Below is the box once I assembled everything. I placed the little card on the top of it, so that it is the first thing she sees when she opens it! 

Now...for my best friend that....sooo unfortunately...lives in the FREEZING COLD of Chicago! Now...she NEEEEEDSSS a box of SUNSHINE! For sure!

Lemonheads are totally one of my fave I was a little jealous of this box...

and the box is ready...

These cute little things are ready to be mailed!

So my bests received these little guys today and I was soooo excited when they told me they got them and loved them! It is so fun to surprise people with presents! Everyone... especially those stressed with wedding plans...or freezing their tootsies off in Chicago... needs a gift once in a while to say, "Even though we are far apart, I am thinking about you and love you!" 

Click HERE to download the little cards I created for my two boxes!

You can totally make these boxes with any color in mind! Maybe someone you love needs a red-themed box for Valentine's Day!?


  1. Oh my gosh...these are so cute and fun!!! I'm totally going to do this idea for my secret pal at school! Her favorite color is red! Thanks for sharing!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. Absolutely adorable! Love your shopping finds and color themes!
    I am definitely doing this for my besties too!

  3. Wow!!!! I might send one also to Chicago, such a lovely idea!!! Thanks a lot for it!!!

  4. I have decided to copy the idea, sorry ;) I'm sending it to my cousin in Chicago, he and his family will love it!!!

  5. I live in the Chicago area and they've cancelled college for Monday and today, so I am enjoying your site. Thanks!

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  7. Can't wait to do this for my daughters birthday! Her favorite color is yellow.

  8. Thank you for this..... few years back I'd seen post....something like this... but each item meant something ....if someone could find that and get it to me. your idea too.

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