Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's October Already!

Woah! It is already October...I can't handle time flying at this pace! I know..."Time flies when you're having fun..." but I don't even have time to have fun! 

All has caught up with me this week, though. I am home sick after trying to fight it for the week. I just kept getting worse, so now I am home to battle it with full force...and my nightstand full of items from the pharmacy! 

I was so happy to see on instagram that it is Currently time over at Oh Boy, 4th Grade! I just LOVE Farley's monthly linky, and I have been missing out on it for months! I kept finding it a few days late! I am home today, and I am ready to link up! A little late....but not so bad! haha!

My main tradition when I am sick is to watch my Friends DVDs! I have been sick since last Thursday, so...I am on Season 6! If you are a Friends lover...than you know "The One with Rachel's Sister" - that is what is on my TV right now! I just love it! Friends makes everything better! I feel like everyone has that "show" that can help them feel better when they are stuck in bed! 

The cough has been the worst part, so I have re-introduced myself to Ramen Noodles! I forgot how much I love them! I feel like I know they aren't the best option...but you can buy 6 in one pack! Hahaha! I mean, what's better than that!?

IDEAS needed!
I need some ideas from you all! My students have learned division with one digit divisors, and then partial quotients with two digit divisors. Next week we continue with division and I need some activities! I want to make this a little bit more fun for them! We will be working on division in word problems, and they will get to choose the method in which they want to solve it. Whichever works best for them! Any ideas? You can feel free to leave a link to an item of your own, or a blog post of yours, below if you have an idea I can use! Yay!

This weekend I will be out of town (I know...I neeeeeed to feel better ASAP!) so I am going to celebrate that FACT that I WILL be getting better tooodayyyy by putting all math items from my store on sale through this weekend! Yay!!! 

Click the image below to head to my store and find an item ON SALE that can work for your class! Yay! 

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