Sunday, January 11, 2015

Freebies to know about!

Isn't it great when you buy something on Teachers Pay Teachers and then use it often!? Getting the most bang for your buck is always a great thing! However, some of these amazing sellers that you are used to buying from, have some SUPER AWESOME freebies! I am always shocked by some of the amazing things I find for free on TpT! 

I want to share some love for a few of my favorite freebies that I have downloaded in the past, and find myself using all of the time! I am a little early for Valentine's Day...but maybe I can mention something you will also find useful!

Let's start with a huge THANK YOU to these sellers for having such wonderful items like these up in their store for FREE!

1. Whimsy Clips 
These freebies are great because the art can go with anything that you do in your classroom. These clip art kids are great on worksheets or letters you send home to parents. I use these a lot for little personal things in the classroom. 

2. Ashley Hughes
Write the room cards are great for all grades! All of our students have one particular thing in common: they love getting up out of their seats! This pack is great because it is ready for you to create a write the room activity whenever you need one! Whether you have all day or 5 minutes to create the activity, this pack is ready for you! I love EVERYTHING Ashley Hughes makes...but this happens to be my "most commonly used" of all of the free items I have from her! Love it!
Click here for her store

3. Lovin Lit
Figurative language is something I teach throughout the year, but it is not always easy to find stories that contain figurative language. This pack is great because if I feel like I need a little something to reinforce the figurative language skill in my class, I can just do these with my students. I can pull them up on my big screen and do them with the kids at any moment. I like this because I don't necessarily need to have copies made for each student. If I do plan ahead and have copies made, then I can use these for morning work, as assessment for my lesson, or as an early finishers assignment.

4. Jennifer Findley - Teaching to Inspire in 5th
This is my newest freebie! I just stumbled upon this recently, but I am SUPER excited to start using it! My students need all of the word problem practice they can get - and I am having a hard time thinking of so many word problems! Haha! It gets tough after a while! This resource is great, and I absolutely LOVE how she uses it in her classroom. She has the students glue the problem into their math notebooks and answer it in there. I love this idea! Thanks Jennifer!

5. My favorite freebie of my own...
I have two favorites ;) I use these sets of posters every single day! One set it great for classroom management - my students use a 1, 2, 3, or 4 to tell me what they need without me having to ask them what their question is (example, if they hold up two fingers, I know they have to use the restroom). This is helpful for management and flow of the classroom. The other set is a set of math posters. I love these because, instead of a plain set of ABC posters, these are math related in content! I also have these for sale in a Science format.

I hope you can find use for some of the freebies mentioned above! I sure love them! ;) Yay for free items! Especially after we all just spent a lot of money over the holidays...

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  1. What a fun post!! I love finding amazing freebies. Thank you for sharing! This would be a really fun linky to participate in. (Maybe even do it monthly?) Let me know if you ever do it, I'd love to join!
    Have a great week!
    Jungle Learners