Saturday, July 25, 2015

Merry "July" Christmas!

Merry Christmas in July!!


So, today and tomorrow, both of my stores are on sale!
Click the image below to head over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Some of my favorite items from the shop (of course, they are all on sale!) Yay!



Some other fun stuff is on sale, tooooo!!!
Back to school shopping should not just be for items for your classroom, but also items for YOU! 

For my personal site,, you'll need to use a the coupon code below!

Coupon code: YayJuly25!

Bracelet stacks are my favorite accessory right now!

Enjoy the sale everyone! :) :) :) Yay!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I'm not in Vegas...but...


I am not in Vegas...which is really really sad... BUT I am in the mountains on Vacation with my family! Yay!

I am joining Kristin from School and the City in her linky party for those of us who are not in Vegas...we are doing fun things, too, ya know! :) ....even though we are really really realllllly jealous of all of you Vegas goers... I am doing a good job pretending not to be... 

We come every year for vacation around fourth of July. As a teacher, I usually get to come up to my parents' mountain house more often in the summer; however, other members of my family who have all year jobs (I mean, what IS that? haha!) make it a point to come up for the week of the 4th! We love it! We have a blast. It overlaps with my dad's birthday, which is also fun! We have Family Olympics each year, too, that the guys take part in. They compete in teams of two (my dad, along with the son-in-laws, since there are no real sons in the family) in events like horseshoes, darts, pool, golf, corn hole, etc. It is a blast for them! .....while they do that...what do the girls do? SHOP! (That's our Olympics event! haha!)

I have been getting to take naps with my 6 month old niece/goddaughter throughout this vacation....I think it has been my favorite part!!  Isn't she just a baby doll!?! I just love to squeeze her!

I stare at her knuckles while she naps....

I was out running, which is really not easy in mountains (when I am from Florida, where it is SO FLAT!) so I had to stop and rest on the golf course. Isn't it just so pretty!?

Both of my nieces, Savanna and Juliet, sitting on the porch in their matching outfits!

Sitting by a waterfall after a hike! So calming! I wish I had one in my backyard ALWAYS! I would never get sick of it!

I wish you could see more in this pic - we are on what looks like a rock-diving board! It hung out over a long drop! ...was kind of scary, but cool!

Making homemade pizzas in the pizza oven is one of my favorite parts of being here! I just love it so much! They taste so good! My dad is the ultimate pizza maker! :) 

So what are you doing if you're not in Vegas?! I would love to check it out if you link up, too!
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Monday, July 6, 2015

Talk About 'Em Tuesday - Tracey Gurley Designs

I have been excited about this post! This designer is definitelyyyyyy a fav of mine! I really wish I could turn her prints into wallpaper and cover my walls with them! I just feel so happy every time I look at her artwork!

If you're new to this Linky, here's a quick explanation: Each Tuesday I am going to highlight a different small business that I have used personally AND why I love them! It might be a TpT store, it might be an Etsy store...maybe it will be a local store near me! Who knows?! I just want to shine some light on some of my favorite small businesses, and I am hoping you all will want to do the same! I love that technology has allowed us to have these small businesses, and there is no better feeling than buying something from someone who is also a teacher, or a stay-at-home mom, or a rookie artist! I would rather give my money to these amazing people than a big business! 

For this week's "Talk About 'Em Tuesday!" I am going to tell you about Tracey Gurley Designs

Not only is Tracey amazing to work with (soooo insanely nice!) but she is WOW talented! Her prints and images make me SO happy. If you aren't happy looking at these, then I don't know what will make you happy! Haha! 

Just take a look at a screenshot of some of the items from her store...

Tracey Gurley is also AHHH-mazingly supportive of the products I have created using her artwork. She is soooo sweet! I have been stalking eyeing her artwork for a while now, and fell in love when she created the Island Life collection! I could not just put it on my wish list this time...I HAD TO HAVE IT! ALL of it!!! 

I used many pieces of her artwork to create the new Fun in the Sun Teacher's Life Binder! You guys have probably seen many of this artwork if you follow me on instagram, because I have been so excited about the way this artwork looks when printed out on paper! I have never been so impressed with the way something prints before this! I was in shock! The colors came out SO VIVID and perfect! I just stare at it sometimes.... Part of me wants to go back and redo all of my classroom decoration JUST to have it all around me everyday at work!



Flowers and Flamingos!





More lemons!

More watermelons!

If these aren't the cutest, brightest, most amazing designs you've ever seen, then I don't know how else I could impress you! Tracey Gurley is one of a kind! I am sooo glad I found her and I know I will be using her designs for a LOT in the future!

Something else so great, she has a TpT store in addition to her Etsy shop!
Go download her freebie!

TpT store HERE

Etsy store HERE

I would love for you to share your favorite small businesses each week with us! If you'd like to blog about one and join our linky party, please do! We'd love for you to join!

Just be sure to grab the linky image at the top of this blog post and post it on yours, as well. Also, grab my button so that you can link your followers back to this page if they want to see everyone else's link ups! It will be kind of like going shopping because we will get to check out all of these new small businesses everyone loves!

So just create your blog post and then come back here and click the blue "add your link" button below to add your post to the linky party! :) Yay! Be sure to leave the link that goes directly to that specific blog post.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Jewelry Making Fun!

So as I know I have already told you, I am making/selling handmade jewelry now! Yay! It is truly something I have sooo much fun doing, and has been really enjoyable for me this Summer in particular! I found this ahhh-mazing bead store here in the NC mountains last week and I have been so excited to use those new beads! I have never seen gem stones as pretty as the ones they had at Cherry Tree Beads! It was like my own little spot of heaven inside of their warehouse! 

My cousin, Janelle, was there to help me sort through my thoughts as I browsed all of the beads lining their walls! I needed someone there to keep me calm - this place was overwhelming...but OH SO GREAT! 

Anyway, I was able to grab soooo many amazing gem stones and I have been so excited to share my little creations! I just love love love being in the mountains! My mind is so relaxed and I am feeling more creative!

The Pink Party Tassel Necklace! (click here)
This one is just ready for a party! But, seriously, how cute would it be with a simple white t-shirt and jeans!?!

The Pink and Black Mixture Tassel Necklace (click here)
I love this one simply because those light pink beads make me smile! 

Clear Spikes with Natural Stones Necklace (click here)
Part of the natural stone collection - I love these! Simply inspired by the mountains around me ...and then adding some FUN with the clear spikes! :)

Natural Stone and Turquoise Necklace (click here)
This necklace. Right?! I am picturing a chambray shirt with white jeans...and this beauty! 

Pearl and Druzy Necklace (click here)
This one is fit for a perfect day to night look! Druzy pendants go with EVERYTHING!

Black with Black/Ivory Giraffe Beads and Tassel (click here)
Simply elegant! Fancy-up your outfit with this little pretty!

Gold Natural Necklace with Chain (click here)
Simply and understated, but so fun! You can add an edgy look to any outfit with this one! This necklace looks great when layered with other simple, shorter gold chains!

Natural Stone and Matte Turquoise Gem Stone Necklace (click here)
My mom's favorite! This one seriously feels like nature to me! Those matte turquoise gem stones FEEL just like they game right out of the river! They feel SOOO natural, I love it!

I hope you guys enjoy these! I feel like, as teachers, we always become happier when wearing a fun necklace with our outfits! I sometimes get bored of my "teacher clothes"....but jewelry is just sooo much FUN!

There are more necklaces available on my site at this link HERE ...I also am totally open to custom orders if you know what you like and haven't seen it! :)