Saturday, July 4, 2015

Jewelry Making Fun!

So as I know I have already told you, I am making/selling handmade jewelry now! Yay! It is truly something I have sooo much fun doing, and has been really enjoyable for me this Summer in particular! I found this ahhh-mazing bead store here in the NC mountains last week and I have been so excited to use those new beads! I have never seen gem stones as pretty as the ones they had at Cherry Tree Beads! It was like my own little spot of heaven inside of their warehouse! 

My cousin, Janelle, was there to help me sort through my thoughts as I browsed all of the beads lining their walls! I needed someone there to keep me calm - this place was overwhelming...but OH SO GREAT! 

Anyway, I was able to grab soooo many amazing gem stones and I have been so excited to share my little creations! I just love love love being in the mountains! My mind is so relaxed and I am feeling more creative!

The Pink Party Tassel Necklace! (click here)
This one is just ready for a party! But, seriously, how cute would it be with a simple white t-shirt and jeans!?!

The Pink and Black Mixture Tassel Necklace (click here)
I love this one simply because those light pink beads make me smile! 

Clear Spikes with Natural Stones Necklace (click here)
Part of the natural stone collection - I love these! Simply inspired by the mountains around me ...and then adding some FUN with the clear spikes! :)

Natural Stone and Turquoise Necklace (click here)
This necklace. Right?! I am picturing a chambray shirt with white jeans...and this beauty! 

Pearl and Druzy Necklace (click here)
This one is fit for a perfect day to night look! Druzy pendants go with EVERYTHING!

Black with Black/Ivory Giraffe Beads and Tassel (click here)
Simply elegant! Fancy-up your outfit with this little pretty!

Gold Natural Necklace with Chain (click here)
Simply and understated, but so fun! You can add an edgy look to any outfit with this one! This necklace looks great when layered with other simple, shorter gold chains!

Natural Stone and Matte Turquoise Gem Stone Necklace (click here)
My mom's favorite! This one seriously feels like nature to me! Those matte turquoise gem stones FEEL just like they game right out of the river! They feel SOOO natural, I love it!

I hope you guys enjoy these! I feel like, as teachers, we always become happier when wearing a fun necklace with our outfits! I sometimes get bored of my "teacher clothes"....but jewelry is just sooo much FUN!

There are more necklaces available on my site at this link HERE ...I also am totally open to custom orders if you know what you like and haven't seen it! :) 

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