Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Currently

Joining Farley at Oh Boy, 4th Grade for her July Currently linky party

I can't believe June has come and gone! 

I am currently laying in bed and relaxing after a day of shopping in Highlands, NC. If you've ever been to this area of NC, you know how cute Highlands is! It is just so quaint and perfect! I love it. I am really excited about the new pullover I bought that is super cute and comfy! 

I am laying around with my cat, Turkey, and watching Law and Order: favorite of all of the Law and Orders. I just love love love Olivia and Elliot. I have had such a good week so far in the mountains! My entire family is here, nieces and in-laws..everyone! It is so great! We are all in one house and having so much fun! Today the girls went into Highlands today for some shopping while the guys had a day of golfing. We had a great lunch and came home with wayyy too much fudge....but I am really wishing I had a chunk of it up here next to my bed...hence the reason why I need to get on some comfy/stretchy pants...

I have been getting to nap with my niece, Juliet, throughout this vacation and it is my favorite thing EVER!

My nieces, Savanna (left) and Juliet (right) in their matching rompers on the porch.

Me and my sisters at Rainbow Falls after our hike.

Some of you who have been following may know this already, but I have started selling my handmade necklaces! This is something I am super excited about....but also a great bit nervous about because I hope people like the necklaces I am making! I did not bring any of my beading supplies with me on vacation, assuming I would not really have time to sit down to create while here with all of my family; however, I reeeaaalllly have the need for beads right now! I wish I could find a bead store near me! I feel like if I found one here in the mountains of NC, it would be a really unique bead store! I just need to focus and google it! I am sure I can find one! I will keep you guys posted ;)

Click each picture to head to the link where it is posted for purchase. There are others on my site that aren't pictured below, also :)

It was kind of hard thinking of something I am good at...don't we all have trouble with this question? I always struggle with this question and when people ask you to "think of something interesting/unique about yourself". Ugh...those are hard questions! I chose to go with something that my family jokes with me about, since I am around them this week... I am great at quoting song lyrics! I can pretty much sing a part of a song and relate it to any moment that occurs throughout the day! It is really weird...but I love music! I am sure some of you are the same way! If I can't find a song lyric that applies to the situation, then I can definitely find a Friends quote that will work! Haha!


Be sure to head over to Farley at Oh Boy, 4th Grade to catch up with everyone else who has linked in this month! 

Happy Summer! :) 


  1. Those necklaces are amazing! Are you selling on etsy, because I would love to get a few. I've watched more SVU marathons in my month of summer already than one should probably admit :)

  2. Your necklaces are so pretty! NC is my favorite relax vaca spot. It looks like you're having a blast. I would say you're an all star at creating necklaces! Those are awesome!
    Check out my "currently!"

  3. Oh I'm totally good at quoting song lyrics too! I'm good for doing that in the middle of a conversation :)