Saturday, October 17, 2015

Happy Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! 

So...I grew up not loving this holiday...I don't have a reason, I just never really cared about dressing up! I still don't get into dressing up, but I LOVE to see the kids dressed up! I also love all of the Halloween themed activities we do in school! It is so much fun to have a reason to celebrate something in school - even if it is not always just "fun and games" can incorporate the theme into any activities!

I was lucky enough to receive some amazing new Halloween items from Oriental Trading

The first item we have used this October is the Monster Bean Bag Toss Game! 

Found here:  Oriental Trading

I did this during the time when I would normally pull a small group. The other students in my class were working in their centers, and I had 6 students with me for the game. 

They lined up for practice throws! Haha!

I used this in a way similar to a Jeopardy game. Each color monster represented a different topic question: 

Blue: Math
Purple: Social Studies
Yellow: Science
Red: Reading
Orange: Grammar
Green: Technology

The students would throw their bean bag to try to knock down the color cup they wanted to answer a question about. In the picture below the student knocked down blue and purple, this means he/she can choose between answering a math question or a social studies question. 

They had so much fun that I don't think they realized they were answering questions! I gave out Halloween Pencils from Oriental Trading to the students who won in the small groups.


At our school we had a Rubics Cube club last year. Because of this, many of my fifth-graders are pros at solving a Rubics Cube! The Halloween Rubics Cubes were a HIT!

Found here:   Oriental Trading

I know leave these Rubics Cubes in my reading corner. It is great for when they kids complete their work early and need a little "brain break". They can go sit in the reading corner and play with the Rubics Cube for a bit. Sometimes they silently race, and it is just too cute! I am thinking about keeping them out all year long even though they are Halloween themed!

Everything I have in my classroom AND MORE can be found at the link below: 

Happy Halloween!

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