Monday, March 28, 2016

Math Activity Item Updates!

I am so excited about these updates! 

Every once in a while you need a craftivity in math, right!? I know I always need a little break from pure content to do something that is content - related...with a bit of fun! 

If you already own these items, just go to TpT to redownload the new version! You don't have to purchase it again! :) Yay!

You can purchase the bundle of all of the math activities together, or you can purchase the activities separately, as needed :) The table of contents below goes through all of the items in the bundle (all are also available separately).

1. Factor Tree Craftivity

In the Factor Tree Craftivity, students will use given numbers they cut out to color and create their own factor tree, also giving the prime factorization. This could make a really fun center, which is something I really like about this project! I used this at a center in my class for a week. The students worked on it for about 10-15 minutes per day that week. I was able to collect it at the end of the week, giving me a quick and easy assessment of their prime factorization, and a really cute craft to bring home for their parents!

Colored sample of the tree the students will create:

2. Place Value Find Me!

This is one of my favorites! I use this every year, guaranteed! 

This activity is very similar to what you would normally see labeled as a "write the room" activity. I did not want to call it that, because you can also simply sit the cards at a center so that the kids can fill out their answers there, rather than walking around the room. 

To complete this activity, students simply follow the place value clues given on their card to create a number (putting all of the numbers in their correct place value locations will create the overall, larger number = the answer). Students put their answer on the line next to the animal that matches the animal on the clue card...and that's it!! Gotta make sure the kids know which place is which, right!?

A close up view of a few of the cards that come in this pack
(also given in black and white):

3. Metric Conversion Craftivity and Useful Tool!

Hm...I might have lied before when I said Place Value Find Me! was my favorite....this one might take the cake! 

You have probably all heard of or taught something the same as, or similar to, King Henry Died Unusually Drinking Chocolate Milk when you teach the metric system and its conversions. 

The kids love creating this cute little caterpillar in class, and then using it to help them with their conversions. Eventually, students are able to draw the caterpillar on their own and they don't require the actual craft anymore - but it's a great way to get them started and commit the idea to memory before having them do it on their own. 

Preview of the final product: 

4. Multiplication Memory Game

This one is just fun! :) It is just like it sounds - a multiplication memory game! Match the multiplication expression to its product and that's it!

Have your students keep their matches on their record sheet to make sure they are being held accountable for what they are doing while they play the game. They even keep track of their partner's matches. 

Record sheet shown below:

5. Math-O!

This is a pack of 4 types of math BINGO! Multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction are all included! I love this game at the beginning of the year because I encourage the kids to practice their mental math with these simple expressions. 

If you are interested in four of the five of these activities, make sure you just purchase the bundle because it will save you money! :) Let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy!

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