Friday, May 20, 2016

Word Problems Practice and Project

To start, I am going to persuade you into reading by telling you there is a freebie at the bottom of this post!

One of my most convenient packs in my TpT store because the kids love it, it's easy for the teacher, and I can repeat it year after year without changing it much ... all kids need help with word problems!

I always hate how the textbooks teach word problems... 
They do a unit on "subtracting fractions" so when they kids take the unit test, they know they will SUBTRACT the FRACTIONS in the word problems.. UGH! This always drives me crazy because the students don't actually have to read for understanding on these assessments. 

I have noticed for a few years now that my students have always had trouble deciding what their first step is when they go into solving a word problem...that is why I created this pack! Not only do they have trouble with the first step...they don't even LOOK for a second step!

 Here is a little peek into the pack...

The kids start by sorting the word problems into categories based on what they would do first to solve the word problem: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. This is a super fun activity for them because, for once, they are not required to SOLVE the problem! They are only required to decide what they would do IF they were going to solve it. This takes away so much of the unwanted pressure they feel when reading word problems. They find themselves successful with this activity, and then go into the rest of the week with more confidence.

Throughout the week, the skill level increases. 
They start with solving the one step word problems, and then the pack leads them into doing two step word problems. 

You can find out more about this inside of this pack at my previous blog post, here:

At the end of the pack, the students will create a two step word problem and use that problem to create a cute project for the classroom! 
(Shown below)

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Get the word problems project FREEbie HERE on TpT

Thanks for reading! I hope you find these two items useful!