Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Oriental Trading Neon Items

So, I am pretty sure every teacher knows about Oriental Trading...BUT if you don't...Where've you been!?  :) Just kidding! But seriously! You need to click HERE and go check it out! You'll find so many great things there that you can purchase in bulk for your class OR for your own personal themed parties, gift bags, etc. 

I was dying to change my classroom theme this year. I was using navy blue, pink, and teal before. I simply got bored of the calming tones and wanted something a bit more fun! I decided to change to neon because it allowed me to keep my teal and pink items! (Trying to save $$$). Oriental Trading has SO many items in SO many color themes! I was really excited about all of my findings! I had to contain myself and just order of a few of the many many things I wanted!

Below are my classroom supply bins! I love them! One: They are HUGE! They fit so much. Also, they are EASY TO CLEAN (WHATTT?! That never happens!) and really durable! How did I get so lucky!?

These are currently empty because it's the end of one week and I have not planned next week yet...oops; however, I use these bins to organize my copies/supplies needed for each day of the week. I get all planned on Friday afternoons and am ready for the next week. This also serves as a substitute area because everything needed for each day of the week is already all set up - a sub could easily come in and have everything he/she needs for the day at their fingertips! My students already know how I organize, so they would even be able to direct a sub to this location and everyone would be all set! 

I ordered some items I can use for my kiddos, as well! I mean...I was trying not to be selfish! I did okayyyyy on that front... 

I got pencils (you can't ever have enough pencils!) and erasers! The one set of erasers are regular pencil topper ones, and the other ones are in the shapes of animals (also pencil toppers). I love how many comes in one pack from Oriental Trading. I don't have to buy 8 packs just to have enough to last a while. One pack is what you see in each tin below!

Using the "Happy Birthday" balloon editable PDFs from Miss 5th, I created birthday presents for my students with the pencils from Oriental Trading. I have plenty of pencils leftover to use as other gifts. 

So sorry that this picture is so dark! I could not get the lighting to work with the window behind it! The ACHIEVE canvases I painted a few years ago. You can see the bins from Oriental Trading along the shelf in this picture, as well :) 

Other links:

Let me know if you have any questions! I am SO happy with my items from Oriental Trading! It kind of makes me want to change my theme every year! ....Is that too much?

Neon Bright Rainbow Classroom Decor

Woah...I have been more than MIA...
Where did August...September...and now October go? I mean, seriously. Where did they go? I don't understand how they are already gone!

Before I start getting into activities I have been doing with my kiddos, I figured I should welcome you into my classroom first! 

I will link to anything I have a link for throughout this post! :) A lot of the items I made for myself and also have available in my TpT store; however, a lot of the items are from Oriental Trading and I love them! 

This is the hub of our classroom. It is in the back of the room along the back wall. The rest of the room faces the opposite wall, where the projector and Promethean board are set up. This back whiteboard has our calendar, homework, standards we are working on, etc. In the picture above, it is nice and clean because I had just set it up! It is now full of information for the kids each day! I will post an updated pic in a later blogpost so you all can see what it looks like "in use". 

The chairs in the photo are 4 years old and still in perfect condition! I got them from Target :) 
The rugs are from Amazon, and were super cheap! I suggest searching whatever color rug you need on Amazon before looking elsewhere! I was super excited about these two I got. 

The links below are for some of the items you can find in my TpT store that you see in the photo above:

Below is a closer look at the calendar. I have used this for about 4 years now and I can't live without it anymore! I not only post things for myself to remember on here, but I post important things for the kids to remember, too! They love writing their birthdays on this big calendar. 

In the photo above you see some of the same parts of the room you see in the first photo, with the addition of my desk arrangement and a bit of other areas in the room.

The blue pocket chart is from Amazon and I use it for a homework turn in area. This way, I can quickly see who did not turn in their homework with one glance. 

I love my desks arranged this way, and have done it this way for about 6 years now. I have a hallway down the middle where my projector cart has to be wheeled back in order to display on the board. I use my Promethean ActivSlate a lot while I teach, so I can walk around and still write on the board at the same time. (If you don't have this nifty tool, you NEED it! It is my favorite thing EVER! It is a wireless pad and you use a stylus to write on it. Whatever you do on it works with the computer - so you can use it basically the same way you use a mouse). I like how I can be behind the students and see all of their whiteboards at the same time while we work. It allows me to quickly assess everyone during math really easily! 

Below you'll see the other direction of my classroom - the projector side! I have the Science version of the alphabet hanging over this side of the room. We also have our clipchart for behavior management (required by my school), the shelf for silent reading books, the "raise a number" classroom management system, and one of our bulletin board displays. The table full of books is really just a table used as work space now. I have the books there for the first week of school, before passing them out to the kids. 

The far bulletin board in the photo. My sister made this canvas for me as a gift. It says "Don't let anyone dull your sparkle". This bulletin board is super tall so this set up helps me to not have to change any items displayed at the top of the board. Call me lazy .... yes... hahaha! But you all know how frustrating it is to have to get a chair and a desk every time you change out your displays!

We are a Leader in Me school, so I titled this bulletin board with "Ready 2 Lead". This way, I can post pictures of the kids, student work samples, or vocabulary words and it still makes sense! No sense in making my life difficult! We are getting ready to lead no matter what we are doing! 

I love the little added touch of our hashtags at the bottom of each of my bulletin boards. They make me happy! (and remind my kids that I keep up with 'what's cool' these days!)

Get the circle letters I used for the hashtags HERE

In the far area of the classroom, I have all of the old class pictures and photos from students posted. I love this display because it shows the kids that my previous students are important to me and they love adding their photos to this board, as well! 

Stay in touch for the next post! I will share the NEON items from Oriental Trading that I got to go with my classroom theme! The items from their site really helped me get organized, as well as have a few easy gifts ready for the kiddos!