Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Oriental Trading Neon Items

So, I am pretty sure every teacher knows about Oriental Trading...BUT if you don't...Where've you been!?  :) Just kidding! But seriously! You need to click HERE and go check it out! You'll find so many great things there that you can purchase in bulk for your class OR for your own personal themed parties, gift bags, etc. 

I was dying to change my classroom theme this year. I was using navy blue, pink, and teal before. I simply got bored of the calming tones and wanted something a bit more fun! I decided to change to neon because it allowed me to keep my teal and pink items! (Trying to save $$$). Oriental Trading has SO many items in SO many color themes! I was really excited about all of my findings! I had to contain myself and just order of a few of the many many things I wanted!

Below are my classroom supply bins! I love them! One: They are HUGE! They fit so much. Also, they are EASY TO CLEAN (WHATTT?! That never happens!) and really durable! How did I get so lucky!?

These are currently empty because it's the end of one week and I have not planned next week yet...oops; however, I use these bins to organize my copies/supplies needed for each day of the week. I get all planned on Friday afternoons and am ready for the next week. This also serves as a substitute area because everything needed for each day of the week is already all set up - a sub could easily come in and have everything he/she needs for the day at their fingertips! My students already know how I organize, so they would even be able to direct a sub to this location and everyone would be all set! 

I ordered some items I can use for my kiddos, as well! I mean...I was trying not to be selfish! I did okayyyyy on that front... 

I got pencils (you can't ever have enough pencils!) and erasers! The one set of erasers are regular pencil topper ones, and the other ones are in the shapes of animals (also pencil toppers). I love how many comes in one pack from Oriental Trading. I don't have to buy 8 packs just to have enough to last a while. One pack is what you see in each tin below!

Using the "Happy Birthday" balloon editable PDFs from Miss 5th, I created birthday presents for my students with the pencils from Oriental Trading. I have plenty of pencils leftover to use as other gifts. 

So sorry that this picture is so dark! I could not get the lighting to work with the window behind it! The ACHIEVE canvases I painted a few years ago. You can see the bins from Oriental Trading along the shelf in this picture, as well :) 

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Let me know if you have any questions! I am SO happy with my items from Oriental Trading! It kind of makes me want to change my theme every year! ....Is that too much?

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