Sunday, January 29, 2017

Creating a Ribbon-ful Banner

First off...I am sorry for the glare! 
The 7 months pregnant Mrs. Pearsall is not allowed to stand on chairs or had to get the best picture I could from the ground! The glare was totally unavoidable!! I knew you all would forgive me!

I am obsessed with banners still...I don't know if they have gone out of style yet...but I still LOVE them so much! I love the versatility of them - you can print a bunch of letters and then constantly create new banners with them! It's so great! I prefer this over di-cutting letters any day!

Ever want to make your regular banner just a little bit cuter?! I love doing this by adding lots and lots of small pieces of ribbon!

First, string you banner as you normally would...

Then you just cut a bunch of small pieces of ribbon and double knot them - without any worries about how it looks! It actually doesn't matter, for once! 

That's it! It is actually really fun to teach the students how to do this and allow them to take part in helping to create my future banners!

You can see this banner below, without all of the added ribbon pieces, and how it is just a tad boring! It is just so super easy to solve that problem!

The letters for these banners can be found in the packs below if you're interested. One pack is just the "WELCOME" banner letters and the other pack has all of the letters so you can create endless banners for your neon rainbow classroom throughout the year!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Click HERE or the picture for the Welcome Banner pack

Click HERE or on the picture for the Full Alphabet letters pack

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