Monday, April 10, 2017

Projects - Food Chain Reactions

The "Food Chain" is one of those topics that follows students from lower elementary science all the way up to upper elementary. For some reason, this is always an area where my students come in to 5th grade with little prior knowledge. I absolutely love teaching about food chains, because the students get really interested in their importance! Most students first think of "not liking" the food chain because it has to do with an animal eating another animal; however, when you take it from the standpoint of how IMPORTANT it is to keep all of our animals in population for the food chain to continue to work, the students really see a different side of things.

We reviewed the vocabulary for food chains: food web, food chain, producer, consumer, decomposer, primary, secondary, etc. 

After reviewing the vocabulary, we read a few of the books in the series like the one below:

Link to this book on Amazon: click here

There are many different books in this series. I have a few and tried to buy ones that take place in different ecosystems. 

After reading the books, we discussed other plants or animals we feel are important to the ecosystem because of the significance of food chains (the answer: all plants and animals!). 

Then, the students created their own books by researching an animal of their choice!

See examples below:

Take a look inside!

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