Sunday, April 9, 2017

Studying Idea for Kids

Teaching students to study is an extremely important lesson. 

I remember when I was younger and my mom taught me tricks for studying. She taught me how to make up weird, quirky ways to remember certain facts. She taught me how to color code my notes. She taught me how to organize notes in a way that allowed for easier memorization. She taught me about flash cards. There are just so many ways! 

One of my favorite ways is to get everything important on to ONE page! Rewriting alone helps me study, but this studying technique includes rewriting AND makes for easy reviewing. 

I have my students use this mostly for science. I put up a list of the unit (example: "body systems" or "space") and ALL of its vocabulary words. The students then create a one-page, one-sided illustration or picture that includes all of this information. They can do this in any way that works for them. We discuss that if you are a visual learner, illustrations are a great idea. If you learn best by rewriting, then writing definitions and facts would work best for you. The kids come up with really great products. I like to laminate them and allow them to take them home as placemats before testing! They can use them under their dinner each night for easy reviewing and conversation with their parents!


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