Wednesday, May 10, 2017

End of the School Year Activities Pack

Who loves the end of the school year!?


I compiled a bunch of my favorite things to do at the end of the school year into one pack, available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store if you click HERE or the photo below.

One of the most fun parts of the end of the year pack is the brochure I have my students make for me for the following year. I feel like that sentence doesn't make sense...let me explain it another way - your current year students create brochures that you will give your students of the following, new school year.

A view of all of my students' brochures (below)

In the pack, you will see a print out that you can just copy front/back for your kids with everything they need in their brochure outlined and ready. I decided to have my kids follow the format by putting it under the document camera in my room, but I did not let them use the printable copy. I wanted them to get creative, but still follow the outlined format I wanted so that all of the brochures ended up similar and with the same content included. See more photos below!

 Students write a letter to the student of the next year, as well as giving them a piece of advice.

Students explain their favorite memory from the school year so that your new students can be excited for that event!

Below: Students tell the new students 5 things about YOU (their teacher) and 5 things to look forward to in your grade level. 

You'll see that my students all think very similar things about me, haha!

I am in a good mood often...but not all the time? I guess that's fair!

At the very end, the students all sign the back of everyone's brochure. This is a full class signature page! I just have them all put their brochure upside-down on their desk and then we rotate with music and sign everyone's brochure. Super fun!


Time Capsules

Another fun activity in this pack is the time capsule. Students make it and then cannot open it again until they graduate high school! I had a student recently tell me that they just opened theirs! (That was the very first class I taught EVER - fifth grade - and now they are seniors! Oh man!)

The little tags and the time capsule printable come in the pack. We also add pictures throughout the year that we took when we did activities (I print them at CVS) and any other memories we want to add in. 

We roll everything up and stick it in a toilet paper roll, wrap it in our favorite wrapping paper, and tie it up! Add the tag with the proper year and you're all set! 

They come out super cute!


Applying to go to the next grade level

I have students fill out their application to go to the next grade level. When I lived in Charleston, we actually passed these to the next grade level; however, in FL the schools were just so large that it would have been nearly impossible to do this. Now, I use this as a last ELA grade - grading them on their grammar, capitalization, spelling, etc. The same things you would pay attention to on any application for a job. 


Comic Strips

These are so fun! The students pick their favorite memory from the year and put it to a comic strip! These also make great ELA grades if you need some for the end of the year (does anyone else have trouble getting grades at the end of the year!?). I also love making a book out of these and putting it out at "meet the teacher" night (some of you call it "open house") for the new school year! The new parents love to look through it and see how much fun their kids will have in the coming school year. 

(Link for the pack at the top of the post)

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