Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Compliment in a Jar - End of the Year Gift to Students

You've been with your class for a whole year now! You've had some pretty amazing ups, and some really frustrating downs, but you've made it! Like they say in one of the cheesiest, but best, movies ever, "We're all in this together!" (If you haven't seen it...High School Musical is the movie I am referencing.) 

At the end of the year you have so many things going through your head: 
Thank goodness for summer break!
I can't wait to sleep!
What will I pack for the beach?
Time to pack up my classroom!
I am so ready to get new ideas going for next year!

but also...
Who will love on these kids every day?
Will they remember the life lessons I tried to teach them, outside of just the math and science?
I hope they hang out with the right people over the summer...
I hope they remember me!
I hope they visit me next year!

Cue: the 
End of the Year 
Gift EVER!

Click HERE to get this for your class!

It is pretty self-explanatory from the photos you'll see below; but just to make sure I don't leave anything confusing on here, I will explain it in more detail below! 

I will also give you links to two types of jars I recommend trying for this activity. If you create this for parents, neighbors, friends, or relatives - I suggest using glass mason jars. If you create this for students, I suggest using the plastic "slime" jars, so that you don't have to worry about the breakable glass once it is in their possession. You know how kids will throw those backpacks around, especially at the end of the year!

The steps are all included in the PDF, but quickly...
You just print out the pages with the phrases on colored paper of your choice, cut them up, fold them, and place them in the jar. Then print out the labels with poems on white cardstock, hole punch, and string a ribbon through to make it cute :) 

The directions, which come in color and black/white versions:

The slips you'll cut up (print on any color you'd like. There is an editable PowerPoint file included, also, so that you can type up your own phrases/sayings/notes, as well:

Print the poems (in color and black/white versions) to string around your jars for your students. This explains to them in a "cute and rhyming" way exactly what this jar is for. Hole punch them and string a ribbon through them around each jar.

This gift is great because it gives you the chance to inspire your students all summer long, every time they read a piece of paper from their jar. Also, it shows a lot of love and effort from you, as their teacher, because you can make it super personal if you add in some of your own phrases they are familiar with you saying, as well! The document comes with many phrases already typed out; however, it also comes with an editable PowerPoint file for you to type right into if you want to create your own slips of sayings to put in your students' jars. You can even handwrite a few!

These are not affiliate links; just regular links I pulled from Amazon

The plastic slime jar, 6 oz, 12 pack, with metal/silver lids:

The plastic slime jar, 7 oz, 12 pack, with a white plastic lid:

Glass Mason Jars, Ball, 16 oz:

Thanks everyone! I hope you love these gifts as much as I do! I especially love how versatile they are! You can make them for literally ANYONE and it's so special and personal! 
Share your wisdom with a high school grad? YEP!
Inspire your student all summer? YEP!
Thank your room mom by sharing your favorite quotes? YEP!
Tell your neighbor everything you love about them? YEP!
Remind your family member of great memories you have with them? YEP!

And so many more ideas! 

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