Monday, July 9, 2018

Nothing is Better than Mountain Air

I have never been more serious about a statement than the title of this blog post. 

Nothing is Better than Mountain Air

I slept better, felt better, ate better...everything! 

I should explain...the eating better part is mostly because my mom is amazing and cooked perfect meals for all of us while we were there.
The sleeping part is definitely because Flynn slept SO well there, in the closet of our bedroom, so Will and I had some of the best sleeps ever! We slept in until almost TEN every single day! What?!?!

Each year my family spends a week together in the mountains, at my parents' summer home. It is always such a special week because we are all together, all in one house, all day! The kids have so much fun and it is truly amazing to watch the little cousins all growing up together! Flynn is not yet part of the "big kid" group, but I was so excited that she was walking around so well by the time of this trip. 

So that's the group! We are getting bigger and bigger in size each year. 2018 alone will bring us THREE new babies! We are so so lucky. I love that I grew up to be close with my sisters, have been able to become close with my brother-in-laws, and now I get to watch Flynn grow up close with her cousins! There is nothing more special than family. 

My favorite thing we did while we were in the mountains was take two boats out (yes, we had to take two since we are a big group). The older kids got to ride on Big Mable (if you're a lake lover, you definitely know her....haha! If you aren't familiar, she is the blow up couch you can pull behind a boat) and they had so much fun! We weren't sure what Flynn would think of her first boat ride, but she loved it! She said "weeee" the entire time, while her hair blew in the wind! This is exactly what she does at Disney anytime a ride is fast, or in the grocery store when I push the cart quickly, haha! She amazes me every day! Will and I dream of living on a lake, with a boat, one we are so happy Flynn liked it! 

We also celebrated July 4th with everyone! Flynn got her first balloon creation from a balloon fairy, and loved it! Her outfit is from one of my favorite shops, Cecil and Lou! 

Flynn is in that stage where she is so happy she can walk everywhere she wants to, and I LOVE IT! So many people told me I would want to rewind and have her sitting on the floor in one place...that I would miss the day I could put her down and not worry about her getting into things...
I LOVE her walking!!!!! She is so fun! I am getting to see so much more of her personality!

(Another one of my favorite new outfits for Flynn is made by Claire and Charlie, but I shopped it at Oodles and Maggie in the Biltmore Village in Asheville. Click here to see their shop)

So I know this wasn't teaching related...but we all need a summer break! I wish I could still be in the mountains, but I'll settle for south Florida with my huge family for now ;) !! 

Thanks for catching up with me! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and taking advantage of extra time with your family!

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