Sunday, April 7, 2019

Spring Bulletin Board and Craftivity

Springtime is the BEST time! 
Except for one thing...I am new to this thing I used to always here people talking about...I think they call them "allergies" and they're awful! I never used to have them, and then after living in Alabama and South Carolina for a total of 8 years, I developed some sort of outdoor allergy in Florida! The state I grew up in now gives me the sneezies for about two whole months!

Other than that one, minor issue we won't discuss anymore...I love spring! My husband and I are spring birthdays, and so is my two year old daughter! Our son, due in September, will be the "odd man out" in this family! 

This time of year is especially great for teachers. It can be rough...getting close to the end of the year but not quite close enough...test start pushing your buttons you didn't know you had...all of the "end of year" teacher stuff we have to do with paperwork, advancement, etc.... in other words...why do I love spring?

For the FLOWERS and the SUNSHINE and the WEATHER!

This bulletin board makes it SO simple to bring SPRINGTIME in your classroom or the halls of your school. You can choose one subject to focus on, or showcase the many different subjects in which your students have progressed. I like to showcase different subjects because I use this as a form of "test prep" without my students knowing that we are actually test prepping...

You can easily create this project using the item below, found in my TpT store HERE, or click the cover image below. This product comes with everything you need to create this craftivity easily in your classroom, as well as three different ready-made content activities: 
Math: factoring (factor flowers)
Social Studies: Important Event
ELA (or any subject vocab): Word Study

You can see below in the boomerang videos that I created them so that you can flip up the flower pot to see the student's work, which is also displayed neatly on the flower petals and leaves themselves. 

I want to make this as easy as possible for you all, since this IS such a crazy time of the year. Below you can find the lettering I used for the bulletin board you saw in the first image as a FREEBIE with this blog post. I used colored copy paper / Astrobrights to create them easily with black and white ink only! This gives you the leeway to print them on whichever colors you choose! 

Thanks for reading! 

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